Vegas, the CIA, Jesse James, and CB

jj Vegas, the CIA, Jesse James, and CB

I was happy to be home.

Key word – “was”.

After I spent 8 days in sunny Florida, discovering powerful business and training strategies in two mastermind group meetings, having amazing dinners, powerboating on the ocean AND going to DisneyWorld…

…I was really looking forward to getting back to Toronto. But after a treacherous 4 hour round trip through snow and ice to pick up my puppy dog, and then having the power go out in my condo – taking the temperature in my bedroom all the way down to 11 degrees Celcius (51 degrees F), it’s no surprise I just booked 5 trips outta here!

First, I’ll be heading to Mexico with Yanik Silver and legendary biker, Jesse James, to race the Baja 500 at the end of this month. I’ll be cruising through the off-road race course with big time Internet Marketers to bring back secrets to get more website traffic. And I’ll let you know which secrets work for me.

Then in February I’m hitting Washington, DC for Yanik’s Underground event. I might even be making a surprise appearance on-stage.

Third, at the end of February, I’ll be hitting LA for a few days, doing a special event in Hollywood, staying at one of the most famous Hollywood landmark hotels while getting the Celebrity treatment, all thanks to my buddy Nick Nanton.
(Cuz I just wanna be in LA…)

In March, I’m off to dirty Jersey to do the OSP Entourage Syndicate Seminar with Zach Even-Esh. In this seminar, I’ll expose how I run my online business like the Joker runs his Crime Syndicate…but without the killing, stealing, and all of the make-up, of course.

(If you want to discover how I’m able to be so many places online, with so many other experts recommending my programs, while creating huge product launches, and doing things NO ONE else in the fitness industry has ever done before, then you CAN NOT miss this small group meeting.)

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After Jersey, I have two trips to Vegas planned, one for March and one for April. One involves a top secret meeting with a former CIA agent (I’m consulting with him and his partners on an exclusive underground info product), and on the other Vegas trip I’ll be driving Lambo’s and Ferrari’s at 200mph on a deserted airport strip.

Exciting stuff.

Thank goodness for the Internet Lifestyle,


PS – Why so serious?

Sick of working so much for other people and giving them a cut of the money?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you wanna have more fun, work on YOUR schedule when YOU feel like it, and live the Internet Lifestyle, then join me in Dirty Jersey at my Uncensored OSP Entourage Syndicate Seminar where I’ll be showing you the MASTER PLAN for my world domination.

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Comments on Vegas, the CIA, Jesse James, and CB »

January 17, 2009

Susan @ 10:20 am

If you’re staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt, one word of advice – ask to be as far away from the swimming pool as possible. Trust me on this!


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January 18, 2009

Daniel Munday @ 7:08 pm

You set the bar for me Craig,
That’s my dream lifestlye – travelling and meeting awesome people at awesome events.

It may not be now but it’ll happen and we’ll be meeting again at one of these in the future.

Keep em coming,
Daniel Munday

[Reply to this] @ 9:52 pm

Thanks Susan and Daniel! Keep up the great work.


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