Mastermind Breakthroughs from Hollywood – Part 1

Yanik+Silver+and+Barefoot+Exec Mastermind Breakthroughs from Hollywood   Part 1

Last week I was in Hollywood, Florida, for Yanik Silver’s Mastermind meeting…It was the best meeting yet.

And I’ve passed on some of my best lessons below, but first…

I have to thank the Mastermind Group for all of the amazing advice they gave me on promoting and delivering my NEW Turbulence Training Certifications and on how to make it even MORE profitable for the future “Certified Turbulence Trainers”.

It’s hard to contain my excitement over the potential of creating hundreds of Certified Turbulence Trainers to help the world!

The advice was mostly about making sure I spoonfeed the franchisees all the marketing materials and making it “done for them”.

My goal is to provide as much “done for you” marketing and sales help as possible. Yanik gave me the best tip (but I just can’t share that here – yet), but I know that one tip will maximize profits for all of the Certified Turbulence Trainers.

Here’s the lesson for you from the advice the group gave to me:

Work as hard as possible to create “done for you” products for your clients.

Take the “work” out of their hands.

In the fitness and nutrition fields, that means creating “follow along workout DVD’s” and meal plans. Everyone wants to know exactly what to do…they don’t want to think!

How can you provide “done for you” materials for your readers?

Not knowing exactly what to do is one reason why folks fail on a fat loss program, so take away that excuse by doing everything for them that you can.

Those tips were a big lesson for everyone in the group.

Now it’s not all hugs and kisses at a Mastermind meeting…

I also got challenged by some of my fellow members in the group, and that’s the best thing that can help you in a Mastermind meeting.

But here’s what you can’t do…you CAN NOT put up the “No, that won’t work” force-field. That’s the biggest mistake you can make.

You must keep an open mind. Consider every suggestion. Write it down. Think about it. Do all those things but do NOT ever dismiss a suggestion – no matter how crazy it sounds (although most people immediately put up the “No way” force-field because they don’t like CHANGE or WORK.

So keep your force-field down and be open-minded.

Here’s a great example. My good friend Gerald Romine of came up with an amazing idea to start doing a Turbulence Training workout on a plane, in the middle of a flight, whenever the plane hit Turbulence.

My first reaction was to say, “No, I can’t do that. A 300-pound Air Marshall will jump on my back and I’ll be waterboarded in Guantonomo before I can say, ‘Hey, I’m just a crazy harmless Canadian!’”

But the truth is, I needed to keep an open mind and brainstorm a creative way to do this little skit when the plane was flying safely (with the blessing of the flight attendants and folks around me), and edit in the Turbulence sequence later.

It should make for a great little video someday. But only because I kept the “No way” force-field down…

Some other folks also needed a good kick in the butt to get stuff done…

So Yanik put a deadline of the next morning to finally get some folks to take action. It worked and created amazing breakthroughs for them.

The lesson for you would be to give yourself a deadline…and if you don’t hit it, you have to do something you don’t like (something embarrasing).

Yanik was going to make the members wear a tight outfit from the hard rock store if they didn’t meet their deadlines.

His threat worked really well. Everyone followed through.

One other re-occurring topic of discussion was Twitter networking. Almost everyone talked about it, and the “Barefoot Exec” gave a great presentation on it.

Go to this page to discover Twitter secrets from the #1 gal in the “Twitter” world today:

=> Click here for the Twitter Barefoot Queen

She taught me how to use this simple thing called TweetDeck and now I’m able to use Twitter so much better than ever before…

Overall, the meeting was POWERFUL and helped to transform my business and my way of thinking. It’s essential that you get OUT of your comfort zone, get challenged, and to be surrounded by a creative group of people who are better than you.

If you do not Mastermind, you are missing out on the fastest way to boost your business and personal development.

Get started in one today and start transforming your life in every way, from health to financial success. Don’t be like “regular folks” who just sleepwalk through life.

Search out extraordinary people and you can turn your life into ANYTHING you want…

Have a powerful day,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – I’m off to Orlando for 3 days…

…to finish the final Online SuperProfits Mastermind Meeting for our 2008/2009 group.

We’ll be doing a backstage tour of Disney on Monday, and then into our regular meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday where we’ll all help transform one another…

It’s powerful stuff. I’ll sum up the best of my breakthroughs from that meeting later this week.

I’m starting another OSP Mastermind group in April of this year. If you want to grab a spot in this life-changing group, go here:

=> Click here to discover the potential of the OSP Mastermind for you

“Since joing Craig’s Mastermind group three weeks ago, my ’speed of implementation’ has skyrocketed. After our 1st meeting with such and amazing group of professionals, I am even more inspired and motivated to turn it up another notch.”
Kim McCullough, MSc

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and all of the incredible information in the OSP DVD’s. Last November I launched the first version of my site which proved NO results. I barely made any sales and was getting no traffic. I came across your DVD’s in April and by DVD #2 I emailed you and knew I had to join your Mastermind Group. You were living the life I wanted and I had to find out how. Now, less than 3 months later, I totally revamped my whole site, based on your recommendations (and my fellow mastermind members) and in the first hour of my site launch, I made hundreds of dollars. Thanks Craig.”
Isabel De Los Rios

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January 11, 2009

Rafael @ 5:14 pm

The Idea of Turbulence Trainers Certification..sounds better and better…

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January 12, 2009

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS @ 4:06 am

I’m digging the workout idea during turbulence. I have a picture in my head of you lunging down the isles with your carry-on held to the top of your head. The instability would certainly add another dimension to the core strengthening. Maybe you could market this as you answer to those vibration platforms.

I know when I hit turbulence I have to hold myself back from tearing the armrests off, maybe doing some kettlebell snatches would take my mind off it. That is if I could get through security packing a solid steel club that looks an awful lot like an acme bomb.

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