How to Get 115 Comments on Your Blog

In today’s turbulent business times, you MUST get people involved in your business.

Blogs are great for this. Free and easy.

But most folks have blogs that get NO comments. The blog just sits there.

Sometimes tumbleweed blows across the screen.

No one visits. No one reads. No one posts.

If your blog fell in a forest, would anybody hear?

So we have this dilemma…a catch-22. You are posting on you blog to get people involved but no one is coming to the blog to be involved.

How can we fix this? I’ve got 5 tips below…

I used these 5 strategies to get 115 comments on my blog. And not only did I get 115 comments, but almost every single one of them was a powerful, pour-my-heart-out type of blog post. It wasn’t two words, two lines, or even two paragraphs. We’re talking essays here!

Check out my blog here:

=> The TT Blog Post with 115 comments

Here are the 5 tips to boost your blogging, get folks involved, and build your business through connection and communication…

First, ask for input.

To get people involved, you have to ask for their opinion, rather than just dishing yours out and hoping someone will say, “Amen, brother!”. In all forms of social media, it’s the connection and communication that count. Most folks won’t post unless asked.

Second, give them an incentive to comment.

Like my Transformation Contests, giving out a prize “perks their ears up” and gets their attention. So at first, they start posting (or transforming) with just the prize in mind. But as they go on, they realize that the post (or transformation) is more important than winning the prize.

What they discover about themselves beats winning a Flip Cam…but you have to use that incentive to nudge them in the right direction.

Three, interact.

Don’t just ask them for feedback and then not discuss their responses…or worse, not read the responses at all! You need to get in their, roll up your sleeves, go through all the feedback, converse with them and show them they are appreciated. That encourages more replies.

Four, remind people to post.

Send an email to your list. Tell folks on twitter. Again, people like a little encouragement and instructions on what to do, and that includes being reminded to comment on your blog. Plus, folks get so many messages, your first request often gets lost.

Five, give recognition.

Publicly thank everyone for posting, as individually as you can. For many people, the recognition from the expert – that’s you! – is more important than the prize. We all want recognition for our efforts. Everyone likes a little boost.

Bonus tip: Set a deadline.

A deadline makes everyone act faster, and if you set a deadline for your comments (based on giving away your incentive), you’ll get a lot of comments in a short amount of time.

So that’s how you get folks to comment on your blog and become involved with your business.

Do you have any other tips on how to get more people to make helpful, significant, and meaningful posts on your blog?

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

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Comments on How to Get 115 Comments on Your Blog »

January 2, 2009

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS @ 1:46 pm

Craig, it’s funny how you always seem to come up with an answer to a question I was pondering only a day or two before. I have been wondering how to get my readers more involved in my blog, so I’m going to put this info to use right now.

As just a side note for anyone else, it might be helpful to turn ‘moderate all comments’ on in blogger. This way you will be emailed every time someone leaves a comment, and it gives you an opportunity to post and reply right away. I sometimes forget to go back and check past posts for comments, and I would hate to think my clients and customers are taking time posting and thinking I’m ignoring them. It’s also helpful if you run multiple blogs and find it difficult to keep track of all your posts.

I think your point of trying to respond individually to as many posts as possible is very, very important. I don’t know how many times I have commented on someone’s blog and never seem to get a response. After a while you start to feel unnoticed, and will drift to other blogs where the author is much more interactive.

Great tips Craig!

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John Hudome @ 3:38 pm

Thank you for the suggestions Craig. I will implement these and let you know how it goes.
John Hudome

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January 3, 2009

Horatio @ 10:48 am

Craig I thank you for posting this. I will definitely use the advice. I am trying to generate a serious online presence through various social networking sites. Blogging keeps people interested in what you are doing. I would also like to thank Rylan for his comment on the “moderate all comments” suggestion. I will apply that as well. Keep the tips coming. Happy New Year!

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