3 Words to Help You With Time Management

Twitter 3 Words to Help You With Time Management

Hopefully Santa was too busy to notice, but I was a naughty boy yesterday. Turns out I wasted at least an hour, if not two, frittering away my time on useless projects.

I spent too much time on…

1) Twitter (which is still a good resource for building your business if used properly)

2) Writing articles that don’t fit in my strategic business plan

3) Reading websites that were interesting, but not helpeful to mybusiness.

I let time get away from me, mostly because I didn’t properly blockout the time in the first place.
But one thing has gotten me back on track. It was a 3-word phrase I first heard from Dan Kennedy. Actually, it’s a question.
And so when you find yourself doing something, you need to ask:
“Where’s the profit?”
Where is the profit in what you are doing? This goes for:
Facebook => Are you stalking people (like most people who use wastebook) or are you really doing something that is profitable for your business?
Dealing with criticism => Dwelling on something someone said or a refund returned does absolutely nothing to PROFIT your business. So let it go and get back to profitable business.
Answering email => Should you be hiring someone to answer and filter emails for you? (We’ve found good assistants on Craigslist for cheap). This allows you to work on BIG projects without interruption.
Because just remember…
Every minute you spend…
Sorry, what I mean is, every minute you WASTE on twitter, facebook,forum debates, reading info that is interesting but irrelevant, etc., you are STEALING time from your wife/husband, kids, family, and friends in the REAL world.
Heck, you are even stealing from your health, because most folks sit down in front of the Internet at night for “10 minutes” and an hour later they are finally crawling into bed and will only get 6 hours of sleep.
That’s the hard truth.
Be ruthless with your work time and you’ll have more time for what really counts in life,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS – If you’re looking for something profitable to listen to…
…grab your copy of the free OSP CD.
You’ll discover the biggest mistakes 95% of trainers make on their websites preventing them from selling more fitness info products.
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January 1, 2009

Explosive Football Training @ 6:16 pm

I just want to say that while it wasn’t on the list, my decision to hire a web developer has freed up much more time and emotional freedom for me. I can now devote more time to blogging and writing articles.

For those who think it will cost too much, put an ad up on Craigslist (got that tip from OSP Newsletter, thanks Craig).

You will have to sort through some fools, but you’ll find some young, hungry web people who work work for resonable rates and do excellent work.

If anyone wants my web person’s email, please contact me.

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