Multiple Streams of Income

There’s one thing you gotta do if you want to succeed through the recession. Or as I like to say, turn the “recession” into a “rich session”, and that one thing is…

=> create multiple streams of income

For me, I’ve created a lot of products and websites, so that when one is “slumping” the others will pick up the slack.

Right now, I have…

- Turbulence Training
- Turbulence Training for Abs
- Turbulence Training Bodyweight DVD’s
- My TT Members membership site
- My book, “Just say NO to Cardio”
- All of my affiliate recommendations
- Online SuperProfits System in a Box
- Online SuperProfits Phone Coaching
- Online SuperProfits Mastermind Group
- Entourage Marketing Seminar DVD’s/CD’s (coming soon)
- Live Seminars (coming soon)
- TT Certification (coming soon)
- Magazine articles
- And of course, real clients.

But those are the big ones. I have a few small things dripping in some income as well.

So what do you have?

- Bootcamps?
- Semi-private training?
- Your first e-book?
- Your first e-book delivered in multiple formats (video, audio)?
- Prograde supplement recurring revenue?
- A monthly hardcopy newsletter for clients?
- Quarterly live seminars?
- Teaching other trainers your system?

You have at least one other source of income besides training, right?

If not, why not?

Get started today by adding one new form of income to your bottomline. And add one more each week (even if it’s just an autoresponder promoting an affiliate product you believe in).

Never rely on just one source of income,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Are you as excited as I am about the next few weeks and the Online Fitness Gold Rush coming in January?

Now is the time of year to be studying, planning, prepping and preparing all of your promotions and products for 2009!

If you need help getting started online, grab your copy of my OSP System in a Box.

There are only a few sets left, and when they are gone, I’ve decided not to make any more.

Grab your copy here:

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