How to Make More Money with Bootcamps

I was just reading a book about bootcamps in preparation for my new Turbulence Training Certification program (coming Februrary 2009!),and I was blown away.

(Yep, TT Certification coming in February, but only to a limited number of trainers in select areas…details coming very soon…).

But back to the bootcamp book…

It was written by a trainer named Mike Roulston. You might remember Mike from the Resistance Band Program he created for you the other week.

Earlier this year, Mike was just a beginning trainer, coming from acompletely different career (Internet Technology) and decided he wanted to run bootcamps instead. He was sick of the computer scene,working in an office, and working too much for too little.

So Mike studied Turbulence Training, became a Certified Personal Trainer, and researched how to run the best bootcamps. And in justa short time, Mike was soon earning $2500 a month – working only FIVE hours per week!

He quit his job and grew that to $10,200 per month while working only 15 hours per week teaching bootcamps. (Bootcamps are group fitness classes, in case you didn’t know…).

And now he’s put his bootcamp training system together for all other trainers to discover…and to help others who want to create a part-time income as a bootcamp leader.

This bootcamp book will show you how to make some sweet side cash running bootcamps, and Mike shows you his exact system for success.

Like I said, I’m impressed. If you are a trainer, it’s a must have resource.

If you are interested in getting into the fitness industry (which the December issue of Entrepreneur magazine called one of the hot trends for 2009), I highly recommend Mike’s bootcamp book.

Plus, you get his resistance band workout programs as a free bonus.

=> Click here to get started with a simple bootcamp system

More to come about the Turbulence Training certification soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If you already have Mike’s Resistance Band workouts…

…and you just want the Bootcamp book, head over to this link where Mike is giving you a special deal on his bootcamp business-building secrets:

=> The Quick Start Guide to Fitness Bootcamps

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December 10, 2008

Curtis Ludlow @ 10:26 pm

Hey Craig! Congrats for launching a TT certification program. Sounds like it will be a great program. Good luck! Btw, which issue of Entrepreneur talks about the growth of boot camps? Current issue?
Just curious. And thanks for the post!

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December 11, 2008

georgette pann @ 12:18 pm

yes I would be curious as well to that issue…love to see it
Thank you

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