Biggest Online Success Story of the Year

Time for the Online Fitness Expert Money Making Awards…and the winner of the best Online SuperProfits Success Story in 2008 goes to…

…Isabel De Los Rios, owner of!

Here’s Isabel’s amazing success story, going from literally ZERO sales to over $20K per month in less than 9 months. She’s an inspiration even to old veterans like me!

CB: Isabel, Tell us your story, including what you were doing before OSP, your niche markets, and your websites. How did you first get involved with OSP?

Isabel De Los Rios:
I owned and ran my own personal training studio for 4 years. With the success of my business, came long days filled with hours of one on one training, employee management, accounting, legal and other business issues. Basically, my business began to run my whole life.

I finally figured out that in order to get out of this nasty cycle I was going to have to do something different. I came across a few fitness professionals who were making a lot of money online and were not working all day and night like I was. I immediately began to put together my own product.

I had no idea where to begin as far as marketing and selling my product. I paid a web designer over 4 grand (!) to put together a great looking website, which produced almost no sales (a few here and there but nothing close to what I thought I was going to do with my new beautiful website).

A good friend suggested I buy and study the DVD’s. After only the first 2 DVD’s, I realized I had done so many things wrong and had wished I had attended the actual OSP seminar. If I had learned this information sooner I would not have made so many initial mistakes.

CB: What has happened in your business since working with the OSP System?

Within 3 months of watching the OSP DVD’s and joining your Mastermind Group, I completely revamped my whole website and went from 50 sales in 5 months to over 2,000 sales in 4 weeks (and that is not an exaggeration).

The DVD’s, along with phone coaching and Mastermind meetings with you showed me exactly what I needed to do, step by step to achieve these kinds of sales numbers.

CB: What are the 3 biggest secrets you’ve discovered from the OSP information?

1) How to write great sales copy.

2) How to write newsletter emails that actually get opened and read and not deleted.

3) How to get affiliates to sell my product for me.

CB: How did having a mentor help you on your fast track to success?

Just when I thought something was a good idea, you would either save me from another mistake or encourage my action step. Either way, you really helped me to only take the action steps that were going to produce results and save me the time and money in mistakes.

CB: Any other keys to success you learned from Online SuperProfits System?

a) How to generate more leads – It showed me how to get readers to sign up for my newsletter and then how to write emails to make them loyal customers.

b) How to improve my writing - If not for your advice, I would probably still be writing boring and long fitness advice newsletters, that no one wants to read. Instead, I am constantly getting reader’s feedback telling me how funny and enjoyable my emails are (thanks to your precise methods for email writing).

c) How to speed up product development

d) How to decrease the amount of time or headache you had with technical issues – I implemented the methods you said worked for you. And they are working great for me as well.

e) How to develop the right mindset for success – The book and reading recommendations you make in the OSP DVD’s are priceless. Also the added segments on time management were exactly what I needed to learn to do more in less time. I am still amazed at what I was able to get done in just 3 short months using these time management principles.

f) How to dramatically increase your contacts in the fitness marketing world – You have helped me to connect with some of the top level fitness internet marketers and that sky-rocketed my business.

CB: Great stuff. Any final thoughts on what you see happening in your short-term and long-term future?

For me, getting the OSP DVDs was the complete overhaul I needed to take my internet business from a small part time venture, to a complete full time source of healthy income.

I know my site is well on its way to being one of the top fitness and health sites out there. All with the help of your DVD and mentoring. If you’re serious about making money online, the DVD’s are a must.

CB: Thanks Isabel! If you want to see a real online fitness expert in action, you’ll learn a lot from joining Isabel’s newsletter list and reading her blog. Discover her secrets to success at

Will you be the OSP 2009 Online Fitness Expert of the Year?

Looking forward to hearing your success story,

Craig Ballantyne

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