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One of my phone coaching clients, Elliott Hulse, recently started asking his clients ONE question, and it has helped him sell dozens of copies of his $197 football training program and make more money online.

Elliott has some great advice on how asking one simple question and listening to your readers can make you big bucks…

Elliott said, “Since taking your advice and ‘asking’ my readers what they want instead of forcing content and products on them I have had some incredible results. “Most of my readers come from the opt-in box on my Gridiron Strongman letter at, so naturally they wanted to know more about football performance upon my asking.

“So here is what i did….

“I took the requests from my readers and reformatted my old, general football training e-book into a hard copy product complete with CD’s and DVD’s and renamed it Gridiron Strongman.

“Since ‘listening’ to my readers, and becoming ‘a part of the conversation’ I have been better able to serve them with content on my blog ( and have positioned myself as the type of resource that they have been literally begging for.

“I soon discovered that many of my new customers were also my old customers and are also attendees for the Gridiron Strongman Clinic ( that I am holding for my tribe.

“Its easy now for me to understand what you mean by the term ‘your tribe’.

“I have customers and clients that view me as the best and only source for the type of information that i enjoy presenting.

“In fact, there are even some ‘tribe members’ of mine that are traveling all the way from Japan just to hear me speak about flipping tires in my dusty, dirty warehouse gym in Florida!”
Elliott Hulse
“The Strength Coach

Now how can you apply the lessons Elliott learned the hard way so that you don’t have to?

Do you see how Elliott is using my Entourage Marketing System to build a tribe of passionate followers, rather than trying to appeal to every one and their Grandmother?

Do see how important it is to focus on getting raving fans, so that you can focus on giving them more value, rather than staying awake at night trying to figure out how to get more traffic to your website?

Elliott has learned how to do things the easier way with my Online SuperProfits System.

Let me know how I can help you too,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Elliott is simply following a system…

…one he has learned from me through the OSP DVD’s and through one on one phone coaching.

Get started with the OSP System here:


Or if you are really serious, apply for one of the last phone coaching spots I have for 2008 here:


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