Your Biggest Obstacle to Making More Money Online

Judging by the OSP 2008 attendees, their biggest probelm was the same as my biggest problem. And it’s probably YOUR biggest problem too. What is it?

Getting things DONE.

All of us have 5, 10, 15 or even 20 things on the go, but how many things are we getting DONE?

I was embarrassed to admit this during my Entourage Marketing presentation, but I had my Bodyweight DVD’s sitting on my desk since March, but I didn’t start selling them till November!

How much money did I let slip through my hands with procrastination? And how much money are you losing by waiting to get your product up for sale on the Net? Or by procrastinating on finally starting to film youtube videos? Or by waiting to contact a joint venture partner?

I’m sure that you are always telling your clients to stop procrastinating on improving their health and fitness, but we’re just as guilty as taking too long to get things done on our businesses.

At least, most of us are… But not the OSP 2008 2nd Transformation Contest Winner, Mike Roulston.

He didn’t let failure get in his way, either. Even though several things went wrong and he botched the first THREE filmings of his resistance band DVD’s, he still persevered and got everything done just in time – because he used powerful DEADLINES.

(Nothing is more motivating…so can you set 3 deadlines in your business today to get you to TAKE ACTION?)

To read about Mike’s “zero to hero” Transformation, go here:


Do you know what Mike’s other secret was? Make your suggestion on the blog about Mike’s 2nd SECRET to success.

Don’t miss how he sold over 238 copies of a product in 3 days,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Discover Mike’s $3500 risk… …and see if it paid off.

Go here for his powerful story.


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