Online Super Profits Contest Winner $1000 Prize

cb nov27 Online Super Profits Contest Winner $1000 Prize

The $1000 top prize and phone consulting goes to…

Mike Roulston, owner of and creator of clickbank’s top selling resistance band product.

Here is my entry into the OSP Transformation Contest #2.

I’ve documented the following changes throughout the months of October and November:

My ClickBank sales went from $0 per day every day in October, and most of November to $1288 on November 24th, $1237 on November 25th, and $1782 on November 26th. These three amounts coincide with the first three days of my product launch.

I also have documented that my Aweber account went from 1 lead on October 19th to over 3000 leads by November 27th.

I have provided some details of my AdWords account as well. Nothing major going on in my AdWords account, but during my three day intro promotion I did manage to send half as many people to my Mode Workouts site via PPC as I did for my Mode Boot Camp website during the
previous 6 months.

Some of my biggest achievements over the past two months are as follows:

I completed and started selling my first ebook (as well as a DVD upsell), which ended up grossing $14,713 USD in it’s first three days of sale.

After paying my affiliates their commission, I netted $4308.91.

I took a risk and ponied up $3500 USD cash prizes for an affiliate contest with no guarantees that I’d get any big affiliates during the contest. That contest could have been a disaster, but I took a calculated gamble and it paid off.

After emailing over 30 big affiliates, most of them multiple times with no response, I managed to get two big affiliates on board to promote my product, which ended up earning me over $4300 in the first three days of sale.

After I pay my affiliates their prize money, I’ll have a bit of money left over, and over 3000 people on my email list to build a relationship with and eventually sell to.

I took action and created a workout DVD despite having less than one month to plan, shoot, edit, and make the DVD. My first shoot failed miserably with the camera man’s camera breaking within the first hour of the shoot.

By the time I managed to get a second shoot setup, I was down to only three weeks left. The second shoot went well, but then I ended up needing make some significant changes my workout program at the last minute, so I had to go back and re-shoot the DVD.

The third shoot was another disaster, and at that point I was getting worried that I might not get the DVD done in time. But I soldiered on and did a forth shoot, and by that time there was less than a week until my product release date.

The shoot went well, I got some local film school students to edit the footage and make the DVD. I ended up receiving a completed copy of the DVD just in time to have it shipped to the fulfillment warehouse in Utah to be ready for my product launch.

In addition to creating my first ebook, I also created 5 of my own bonus ebooks for my upsell. This was a lot of extra work, but I felt that it would look better on my sales page if my bonuses were from me, rather than offering bonuses created by other people (which so many trainers seem to do).

Despite not being certain that I could reach a deadline of November 24th, I set the deadline, and committed to it in order to push myself to make sure my products got done in time. Giving myself that deadline made me work my butt off to ensure that the products all got done.

In hindsight, if I hadn’t have given myself that deadline, I don’t think my products would be done and for sale right now, and probably wouldn’t end up getting done until at least January 2009.

Also, another thing that lit a fire under my butt to get my products done before the end of November was that I invested several thousand dollars into a seminar on selling fitness info products.

I didn’t want to show up to the seminar without having any products to speak of, so not only do I expect to learn info at the seminar that will easily help me earn 6 figures next year with my fitness info products, but registering for that seminar really helped give me extra incentive to
work hard and get my ebooks done and for sale by a specific deadline (i.e. done before the OSP 2008 seminar).

So that’s the summary of my last two months, and what I’ve achieved.


Mike Roulston, CPT
Owner, Mode Boot Camp
Author, Mode Workouts

Vancouver Bootcamps
Resistance Band Workouts

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December 3, 2008

Jeremy and Alissa Nelms @ 11:53 am

HUGE congratulations to you, Mike!

Jeremy Nelms
No Excuses Fat Loss

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Lauren @ 12:04 pm

Awesome job Mike, and you are very inspiring. Your hard work paid off… way to get it done! I was impressed how you went straight to the “big guys” for getting your product out there and growing your list, I admire your confidence. I also liked that you added your own material for your upsell which gave you credibility. I think too, coming to the understanding that you have to put in the $$ investment as well as the time investment is essential.
Lauren Miller

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MMA Fitness Training @ 3:52 pm

Very well done Mike. Congratulations to you.

Todd Lamb
Fitness Jiu Jitsu

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MMA Fitness Training @ 3:54 pm

Congratulations Mike. That is a job really well done.

Todd Lamb
Fitness Jiu Jitsu

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December 8, 2008

Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement @ 12:13 am


Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration.

Rick Kaselj

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May 16, 2009

Anonymous @ 5:19 pm

Congrats Mike!

Check out

We have 13 plus Vancouver Boot Camp locations.

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