OSP Transformation Contest

Well, I received only 4 entries for the OSP Transformation Contest, and I must say I’m disappointed in you.

Or maybe it’s my fault for not getting you excited enough.

I’m not sure what you’re waiting for, but I sent out an email to my fat loss readers today, and I’ve already had an amazing response from them…

The message was about NOT waiting for January 1st to start their fat loss journey when we have a perfectly good Monday, December 1st to start RIGHT NOW.

And that’s the mindset you should have as well.

You should be getting started on your online business right now.

Here are at least 3 things you should be doing…

1) Planning out every month of 2009 and identifying every holiday promotion opportunity (for your offline business as well)

2) Studying the experts for what is working in their businesses.

Since you’ll have a couple of slow weeks in your training biz around Christmas, you should be using that time productively to discover the secrets of online success.

3) You should be getting ahead and writing out your emails and promos for the January 2009 online fitness gold rush.

Heck, if you send the right messages (like I did today), you won’t have any holiday season slow down.

So find a good reason to contact your folks today.

Don’t give up now,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Now I’m off to give my new “Entourage Marketing” secrets to the elite trainers that came to the OSP 2008 seminar…

…it’s going to be a powerful day. A life-changing day. And then tomorrow they are going to get 45 minutes in a hotseat where we’ll help them plan out a roadmap to success.

And even though you aren’t here, you should be planning your road-map to success as well. Carve out some quiet time and do some hard thinking on how YOU can succeed online.

If you don’t have your copy of the original OSP Seminar, grab it today for holiday listening:

=> http://www.OnlineSuperProfits.com

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December 2, 2008

Yavor Marichkov @ 8:20 am

I think people are having a hard time making the first step and that’s why they don’t act. I think there are a lot of trainers reading this and it is a shame only a few joined in.

We try to make everything perfect, lots of planning and paralysis by analysis.

It is better to just go for it and wing it, adjust on the fly.

Make a tiny first step and try to make the next one a little bit better. It could be as simple as getting a piece of paper and mind-mapping or brainstorming for ideas.


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