Books I’m Reading

 Books Im Reading

 Books Im Reading

I recently finished reading…
1) “Traffic Secrets 2.0″ transcripts from John Reese (pretty good, nothing earth-shattering)
2) “Tribes” by Seth Godin (pretty good, nothing earth shattering)
3) “Sway” by I can’t remember
4) “Why Do I Always Have to Sit Next to the Farting Cat” by Dan Kennedy
5) “Body for Life” by Bill Phillips (still educational the 2nd time around)
And so I had to decide from the 6 books in the photo what I was going to read next. (I buy a book a week from Amazon, although unfortunately I don’t finish that many…so I have quite the collection of books – read and unread – and as you can see, I’ve employed a dog full time to guard them.
Fortunately he takes payment in cookies.
So which book do you think I chose?

I went with “Personality Not Included”. I can’t remember who first recommended that one, might have been Tim Ferriss.

It started off slow, but is getting better now, at page 65.
I also read a lot of magazines, and I highly recommend the November Issue of “Inc.” magazine if you can find it.
Every time I travel I pick up…
- Fortune
- Inc.
- Forbes
- Entrepreneur
There are a lot of optimistic, positive business articles in magazines compared to what you find in the paper these days. I think it is essential to expose yourself to the amazing innovations that folks are creating…
I believe in the power of entrepreneurism and I think we’ll continue to see amazing technological discoveries in the future. From the Tesla sports car to future editions of the Iphone and Blackberry, I still have faith in innovation.
One last thing I should add…out of all of the books, magazines, newsletters, CD’s, courses, etc., that I buy each year, and my investment in those is easily above $21,000 per year, the two best products I have studied this year are:
1) Any newsletter from Dan Kennedy
2) Dan Kennedy’s “Influential Writing Workshop”.
I’m only through 1 of the 10 CD’s and its already been worth 10x’s the $3000 I paid for it.
That info is already a key component of my new Entourage Marketing System.
I urge you to discover the marketing secrets of Dan Kennedy. Visit this link for a copy of Dan Kennedy’s free gift to you.
Never stop learning,

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Comments on Books I’m Reading »

November 27, 2008

darthtux @ 4:05 pm

For entertainment reading I suggest Dan Simmons’ Hyperion. I know it is not a business book, but I just finished reading it and it left me speechless. (In a good way)

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Tim @ 4:06 pm

Hi Craig

Like you I end up with too many books that I have not read…

I am reading

1. “Tribes” by Seth Godin, I think his spin on communities is very interesting and how it is something we can all create.

2. The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr, reading this as it is the basis of the “lifestyle” element of my training system.

3. Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon… Dax Moy recommended this ages ago and it is just now come off the shelve to be read

4. The current Dan Kennedy No BS newsletter – It amazes me how few fitness professionals are on “Planet Dan” this stuff is pure gold!

Anyway, happy thanksgiving… Speak soon.

Tim Goodwin
My Fit Geek BLOG

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December 2, 2008

tonymcclellan @ 7:12 am

I just requested a few books from my library. Mystery Method (as a follow up to The Game), Gotimer’s Black Book of Connections and Green Book of Persuasion.

I am also going to be purchasing the eyeQ system so I can read faster.

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