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Got an email from a trainer the other day who is “new” to the Internet scene, and he wanted to know how to make money selling products (as an affiliate) on his blog.

His blog was called, but I had a couple of recommendations about that name…

Here’s my reply…

Great to hear from you.

I recognize your name from one of the testimonials you sent in months ago.

I have a free report on affiliate blogging here:


The report will give you the info on how to set up affiliate links. If any questions remain, let me know.

AND there is one other MAJOR thing you must do.

Well, two.

1) You need a name, not a blogspot name. But that only costs $10/year.

If you can afford it, buy it for 10 years on godaddy, because Google gives extra credit to websites that plan to be around for a longer time.

If you buy for only 1-2 years (and then renew the name every 2 years), google thinks you might just be some scam site and doesn’t rank you high in the listings.

2) You need a better name for your site.

It should contain keywords…words that our potential readers would think to type in when they sit in front of google and want weight loss info…

Being in Florida and wanting to sell fat loss e-books, I think something along the lines of would be a good idea.

However, by now, many good names are taken…so you’ll need to be clever and creative to find a good name.

Feel free to send me any follow up questions,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Need something to listen to on a long Thanksgiving drive?

Grab your copy of the OSP Ad Copy Teleseminar I did on Monday night and you’ll discover how to use the right words at the right time to sell more of your e-books.

“Your ad copy seminar last night was pure gold. I’ve already listened to it twice and I’m getting new ideas each time I listen to it. Your suggestions about how to overcome objections is a sureway to make more more sales. I also intend to go back and really polish up my sales copy using your tips on writing the text with to a specific customer “avatar”. Thanks for putting on such a tremendously valuable seminar.”
Mike Roulston, CPT Owner,

And you can get a copy of the 93 minute teleseminar and PDF handouts for only $97. Just send me an email for more details.

In the seminar, I covered…

- The 7 Steps You Need to Take BEFORE You Even Think of Writing Copy
- 7 Biggest Copy Factors Missing from Most Personal Trainer’s Copy
- 7 More Mistakes Made in Almost ALL Fitness Info Product Copy
- The 15 Backbones of Your Proven Sales Copy Skeletons
- 11 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Sales Copy
- 11 Hot Buttons You MUST Be Pushing to Get Your Prospects to Buy
- Bonus Section: Review of my Email Copy Secrets that Create $2400 or More in Affiliate Sales Every Time I Promote A Product I Like

I promise you it will pay you back 10x’s the $97 investment, or I’ll give you your money back.
Send me an email if you want a copy.

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