7 Steps You Must Take When Writing Sales Copy

On Saturday morning after a big hike in the snow out in the country with Bally The Dog, I started to review my notes for Monday night’s teleseminar on how to create sales copy that sell fitness. The first section is “The 7 Steps You Need to Take BEFORE You Even Think of Writing Your Sales Copy”.

As I went throught the steps, I started applying the rules to one of my new projects, a project that is giving me more stress than I’ve ever had before.

It was really bugging me.

Till I hit step #4…

“Figure out WHO is your WHO”

Identify your target prospect. So I did the simple little brain-storming technique connected with step, and I uncovered a major breakthrough that is going to make my copywriting a LOT easier for this new project.

I spent the rest of the day in a great mood. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.

All because I finally figured out who my REAL audience was for this project.

But that’s a big mistake most fitness experts make on their sites.

They aren’t really writing for anyone specifically, but instead are trying to impress everyone.

But that won’t work.

So take 15 minutes and do the brainstorming technique and figure out WHO is your WHO.

That will allow you to ATTRACT the right client.

And that’s another big lesson…most fitness experts don’t realize that you ATTRACT your clients, and you can attract cheap ones or good ones, ones that refer and ones that don’t refer.

So if you feel that you only have cheap clients it is because that is who you are attracting. You need to change your language to attract the right clients.

Do not underestimate the POWER of words, both written and in your sales scripts.

And if you want to discover the secrets to putting the right words down on paper to attract the best online and offline clients, then you need to grab a spot in tonight’s teleseminar.

You can get one of the last minute seats I’m practically giving away for only $97. Just send me an email and we’ll get you set-up.

And you’ll get access to the call recording, in case you can’t make the live call, where I’ll be covering…

- The 7 Steps You Need to Take BEFORE You Even Think of Writing Copy

- The 7 Biggest Copy Factors Missing from Most Personal Trainer’s Copy

- 7 More Mistakes Made in Almost ALL Fitness Info Product Copy

- The 15 Backbones of Your Proven Sales Copy Skeletons

- 11 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Sales Copy

- 11 Hot Buttons You MUST Be Pushing to Get Your Prospects to Buy

- Bonus Section: Review of my Email Copy Secrets that Create $2400 or More in Affiliate Sales Every Time I Promote A Product I Like

Talk with you on Monday night,

Craig Ballantyne

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