7 Tips to Get More Free Traffic to Your Blog

I really struck a chord with OSP readers yesterday, as I had several follow up questions about blogs…and how to get more traffic to them…

Here are some of my best tips…

1) Youtube Videos

You can use the same youtube tips for your blog as you would for a normal website, and you can easily post youtube videos in your blogfor content.

For more youtube tips, visit:

=> http://tinyurl.com/CBYoutube

2) Article Submission

You can also submit articles to article directories to get links back to your blog.

The great thing is that you can take your best blog posts, re-write them a little bit, give them a new title, and submit them to the article directories…so you get to leverage your content.

3) Post on a consistent basis

Update your blog at least once per day during the week for your readers. And if you have more to say, don’t hesitate to post it.

Seth Godin, a business expert, has one of the most popular blogs in the world and he updates 1-3 times per day. And on weekends. If it’s good stuff, post it!

4) Twitter

Put links to your blog posts in your twitter account, but make sure you “sell” people on going to check out your blog.

For example, today I posted:

3 tips on how to stick to your diet: => http://tinyurl.com/627v6n

5) Viral report

You can create a “viral PDF” report that you allow others to give away.

What you’ll do is put some good content in a PDF file, and create”live links” back to your blog (that means someone can click on thelink in the PDF), and then let people spread it around the Interweb.

Good ideas for free reports include “101 tips to burn fat”, or “Top 10 Weight Loss Recipes”, etc.

6) Interview experts

If you are going to sell other people’s products on your site, then make sure you interview them. You might even get the expert to sendvisitors to your blog to read the interview.

7) Post your workouts and nutrition

People love reading about what fitness experts do in their own workouts and diet.

PS – Don’t forget to use a system like Aweber.com to collect email addresses of people who visit your blog. That way, you can email them affiliate offers, or alert them whenever you start a real site.

Bonus Tip for Getting Traffic to Your Blog

Use my Entourage Marketing System to be remarkable and stand out from the crowd.

I’ll be sharing all of the details about “Entourage Marketing” forthe first time on Monday, Dec. 1st at the OSP 2008 seminar.

More details to come…,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Finding Your Niche is the first part of my new “Entourage Marketing” System…

…that is the proven way to succeed during tough times like the upcoming 2009 recession.

It’s also the first topic I’ll be covering at the OSP 2008 Meeting in just 2 weeks from now. And I still have ONE spot open…

…for serious fitness pro’s who want to make more money and train fewer hours in 2009.

I’m stoked to share my “Entourage Marketing” system. Here’s the schedule for the first day of the seminar…

9am – Finding Your Niche
10am – Quick Copywriting Kickstart Checklist
11am – How to Build Your List (where I’ll reveal my new SEO strategy that has increased my website traffic by 25% in the last month)
12pm – How to Write Money-Making Emails & Set-up Big Money Promos
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Special Guest Presentation from Brad Pilon on how to leverage offline media and controversy into e-book sales
3pm – My NEW Entourage Marketing System: A Proven Plan for Beating Tough Times & The 6-Steps to Building a Recession-Proof Business
4pm – The Secrets of Mega-Product Development
4:30pm – The OSP Take Action/Time Management Secrets
5pm – Special Guest Presentation from Vince DelMonte on how to achieve more in the next 6 months than you have in the last 6 years
7pm – The OSP Affluent “Field Trip” & JV Networking Session

Day 2 will be 30-minute hot-seats ALL day. That’s where we’ll create BIG breakthroughs in your business…

If you want the LAST spot at the OSP 2008 meeting, visit

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November 19, 2008

Jeremy and Alissa Nelms @ 5:00 pm

Thanks, Craig. It’s always great to have all of this put back in front of you on a frequent basis, to keep it fresh and at top-of-mind awareness!

Jeremy Nelms
No Excuses Fat Loss!

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November 24, 2008

Rome Saranto @ 1:24 am

Great information for real traffic Generation techniques, thanks for posting.

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