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It snowed out in Stratford on the weekend, so Bally the Dog and I had some fun in the snow at the dog park. He loves this weather. Heck, he could stay outside all day even when it hits 15 below.

(I wish we could send a little wet stuff to our readers in SouthernCalifornia to fight those fires, but hopefully you are all staying safe.)

This weekend was also the Santa Claus parade here in Toronto. So all signs point to the fact that there’s not much time left before the January 2009 online fitness gold rush.

Are you ready?

Most fitness experts I talk to THINK that they are, but I disagree.

Unfortunately, I see too many fitness pro’s are still making the big mistake of being too GENERAL.

Every time I review a new OSP client’s website, I read how the trainer is an expert in fat loss, athletic performance, new moms, and back pain.

If you are doing that, you need to STOP right now, and realize if you are going to succeed online, you need to specialize.

You can’t be everything to everyone, because you end up being NO ONE to nobody.

So you need to be more specific. And to do that, you need to ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Who are your best clients, your biggest raving fans?

2) Who do you like working with the most?

3) What is your unique ability?

Once you’ve thought about this, and decided on your niche, you can narrow your focus with your website and products. When you do, you’ll be rewarded big time in 2009.

Find your niche and you will succeed,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Finding Your Niche is the first part of my new “Entourage Marketing” System…

…that is the proven way to succeed during tough times like the upcoming 2009 recession.

It’s also the first topic I’ll be covering at the OSP 2008 Meeting in just 2 weeks from now. And I still have 2 spots open…

…for serious fitness pro’s who want to make more money and train fewer hours in 2009.

I’m stoked to share my “Entourage Marketing” system. Here’s the schedule for the first day of the seminar…

9am – Finding Your Niche

10am – Quick Copywriting Kickstart Checklist

11am – How to Build Your List (where I’ll reveal my new SEO strategy that has increased my website traffic by 25% in the last month)

12pm – How to Write Money-Making Emails & Set-up Big Money Promos

1pm – Lunch

2pm – Special Guest Presentation from Brad Pilon on how to leverage offline media and controversy into e-book sales

3pm – My NEW Entourage Marketing System: A Proven Plan for Beating Tough Times & The 6-Steps to Building a Recession-Proof Business

4pm – The Secrets of Mega-Product Development

4:30pm – The OSP Take Action/Time Management Secrets

5pm – Special Guest Presentation from Vince DelMonte on how to achieve more in the next 6 months than you have in the last 6 years

7pm – The OSP Affluent “Field Trip” & JV Networking Session

Day 2 will be 30-minute hot-seats ALL day. That’s where we’ll createBIG breakthroughs in your business…

If you want one of the last TWO spots at the OSP 2008 meeting, visit

=> http://www.OnlineSuperProfits.com/2008

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