Kill It Marketing Seminar – Don’t Miss It!

Just got off the phone with Zach Even-Esh of where we did the OSP Inner Circle December call. Powerful stuff. Now I can’t sleep, he’s got me too hyped up.

I can’t wait for OSP Inner Circle Members to get this call in December. It was probably the most motivating OSP call we’ve done, and it will inspire you more than anything you’ve ever heard.

Zach talked about his life changed from being stressed out every night to making the one change in his business that finally allowed him to succeed and support his family. His wife can stay home and take care of their two kids, and he doesn’t have to worry about mortgage payments anymore.

But he had to overcome some struggles, and now he wants to help you avoid the pain he went through. That’s why Zach, and his friend Paul Reddick (who makes 6-figures selling baseball training info online) are doing a 1-day seminar in Jersey on Dec. 13th.

The seminar is ridiculously cheap, only $249 for his full day seminar showing you how to succeed online the SIMPLE way.

As Zach said, he’ll be able to help you make that back in a day. (I think he’ll proably save you thousands of dollars too, by showing you what you don’t need to waste your money on!) Zach works his butt off as a teacher and a strength coach for 12 hours per day, and only has 2 hours or less to spend working on his Internet biz, so he’s figured out what works in the least amount of time.

Zach will show you how to avoid getting hung up on the latest Internet “techie thing” and instead shows you how to get massive results by taking massive ACTION without spending massive money.

Don’t miss this.

Saturday, Dec. 13th in Edison, NJ. 9-3

Grab your spot here before they are all gone:


I’m proud of what Zach has been able to accomplish, and Zach and I both look forward to being proud of what YOU accomplish in the future as well.

Kill it,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – He only has 20 spots and 7 are gone even though he just announced it today…

Get signed up here before it’s too late:


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