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The WINNING answer on how I could have improved my copy is below…but first, let’s go over some of the most popular answers.

#1 – The “Click to Order” button should have been higher on the page.

My thoughts: At first I didn’t agree, after all, I thought about this one long and hard, and studied some of the other best selling fitness products, but so many people came up with this answer, I’m going to think about it again.

#2 – No video preview.

My thoughts: Great point. We’ll fix that.

#3 – No opt-in box.

My thoughts: Adding an opt-in box would actually have DECREASED short-term sales response.

Remember, our goal was maximum immediate sales, so we don’t want to have any diversions there. The optin is important for building a list and building a long-term relationship, but I always remove the Opt-in during short sales promotions.


The winner of FREE admission to the OSP Copywriting Teleseminar on Monday, November 24th at 8pm EST (and you’ll get access to the recordings, in case you can’t make it) is… Jeremy Nelms!

For this answer: “No multiple-payment program option.”

Since I launched the product, I’ve heard from a lot of folks who wanted a 2-pay or 3-pay option for the program because they couldn’t afford the full payment now.

As you know we have a 4-pay plan for the Online Super Profits System, but I neglected to set a payment plan up for the Bodyweight DVD’s.

And I could have easily set this up in Clickbank, but I dropped the ball.

Needless to say, I’m working on making that happen! Great work Jeremy.

I’ll be emailing you all of the details about the OSP Copywriting Teleseminar soon.

Thanks again to everyone for their feedback,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – You can read all 27 comments about the copy mistakes here:

=> Ad Copy Mistake

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November 13, 2008

Jeremy and Alissa Nelms @ 8:09 pm

Thanks, Craig! I’m excited to participate, and thanks for the great contest!

Jeremy Nelms
No Excuses Fat Loss!

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