Multiple Streams of Income

I’m off to St. Louis tomorrow to the Dan Kennedy Info-Summit, whereI’ll be meeting with Pat Rigsby, Holly Rigsby, Brian Grasso, and many more fitness industry experts to help me build multiple streams of income.

And I’ll be hanging out with Celebrity Lawyer, Nick Nanton, who is helping Holly and I with major projects in 2009 so that we can help thousands more lose weight and get healthy.

Plus, I’ll be sitting through Dan Kennedy’s latest copywriting lectures, and networking with hundreds of other business owners from all walks of life. (Remember what I said about networking yesterday? I follow my own advice!)

One of my main goals for St. Louis is to identify even more streams of income. Because that is the one thing you must have. We are living in a different business world than the one we enjoyed last January.

And you MUST have multiple streams of income.

You even needmultiple streams of online revenue. The past 3 months I’ve increased my affiliate revenue up to a consistent $225 per day through auto-responders and blog posts sharing other amazing fitness programs with my readers.

I have “set it and I can forget it”, and that $225 will be coming just as sure as the sun still rises. That goes along with my ebook sales, membership site, offline newsletter, OSP course, OSP mastermind, and new DVD sales that I’m launching next week. I’m not just happy with one e-book.

And you can’t be either.

Nor can you be secure with just a simple offline personal training income.

What if something happens?

- Your car breaks down…

- Your client loses their job…

- Your kid gets sick and needs you to stay home…

- Your kid gets YOU sick?

If you miss 2 days or 2 weeks of training clients, that money ain’t going to show up on your doorstep looking for you. On the other hand, the Internet doesn’t care if you’re sniffling or sneezing. You can cough all over your computer if you want, your website won’t call in and cancel.

So what are you doing to move towards multiple streams of income today?

Take a look at your niche market…what do they want…what problem keeps them up at night…and how can you deliver a solution on the Internet?

I’ll help you find those answers at the OSP 2008 meeting. You’ll experience the power of the Mastermind – the power of everyone’s brain being focused on your success – during your hotseat.

Click here to attend the 2008 OSP meeting

It will change your business and your life,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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