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TT+1 Amazon+Training Product Launch Email Tips to Make Money Online

Today I launched my book on Amazon…and it hit #1 on the Training Bestsellers Chart in just 90 minutes! Here’s the email I sent announcing it to my TT readers…

Take a look at it and see if you can find all of techniques I used to get people to take action now…

At the OSP 2008 small group coaching meeting, I’ll be going over ALL of the ad copy tips, new promo ideas, and product launch secrets I discovered in the 12 months since the first OSP seminar.

Plus, I’ll be sharing the advanced SEO strategies that working for me to shoot me up the google rankings even in highly competitive search terms like “fat loss”. All that and a lot more, plus each attendee gets a 30-minute hot seat.
PS – There are now only TWO spots left.
Now here’s the email I used to launch my book…
It’s finally here!
My first book, “Just Say NO To Cardio” is now available on
In my book you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to burn fat and lose inches without doing slow, boring cardio again.
Plus, I’ve put together a bonus package of 4 workouts and an exclusive, never-heard-before motivational audio message from me to you for everyone that buys the book this morning.
Visit this link for details:
=> Just Say NO to Cardio
By the way…the book is only $9.95 on Amazon.
So if I could ask you for just one favor this year…
I’m trying to reach the “top of the charts” and hit #1 on Amazon’s Exercise Book Chart this morning…so if you could take a second to grab your copy of “Just Say NO to Cardio”, I’d really appreciate it.
And then you can grab your four free workouts and motivational message from me as well (worth $149.95). The free workouts include:
- 2008’s most popular TT workout, The Big 5 Circuit Program
- The TT Female Bodysculpting Routine
- TT Bodyweight Cardio V. 1.0
- TT Bodyweight Cardio V. 2.0
(And of course, you also get that 30-minute free motivational audio I recorded only for, “Just Say NO to Cardio” readers.)
PLUS, there’s ONE more free gift inside the book worth $29.95. I reveal the details in the audio message as well.
Click this link to help me out on Amazon:
=> Just Say NO to Cardio

Thanks for helping me reach the top of the charts for workouts books.
“Just Say NO to Cardio” makes a perfect Christmas gift as well,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS – Anyone that orders 5 or more copies of my new book will get a free autographed copy from me.

So if you pick up 5 copies for friends, family, and fitness buddy stocking stuffers, just reply to this email with your receipt and mailing address, and a personlized autographed book is on the way to you!

Get all the details on the hottest fat burning book to help you burn fat and lose inches without ever doing cardio again here:

=> Click here to get “Just Say NO to Cardio”

“Everyone who wants to lose weight MUST read ‘Just Say NO to Cardio’. You’ll save yourself months and years of headache and even injury by discovering the truth about the role of cardio for weight loss. Plus, Craig will show you faster, proven fat burning workouts you can do at home and with only your own bodyweight.”

Dr. Shayne Ladak, MD, BSc(Hons), CSCS, NASM-CPT

Did you catch all the techniques I used to get people to take action now?

If you want to have a best-selling book or e-book, I’ll be showingyou all of the secrets how to do it at the OSP 2008 small groupcoaching meeting on Dec. 1 & 2 in Toronto.

=> Click here to grab your spot at the OSP 2008 Small Group Coaching Meeting

PS – There are now only TWO spots left.
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