#1 Secret To Get What You Want & Make More Money Online

The other day I was talking to a friend who is looking for a job. And the advice I gave her is the same I would give to any trainer who wants to start selling fitness products and making more money on the Internet. It’s the secret to getting what you want.

In fact, it’s the same advice I used yesterday to go all the way upto #20 on the entire Amazon Bestsellers list, and #1 on the Exercise and Fitness list.

So, are you ready for the #1 piece of advice to help you get whatever you want?

It is…

Leverage your contacts.


Contact your sphere of influence.

Whatever you want to call it, the old saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who know” is so very true.

Today, I emailed my list, my clients and former clients, business partners, and even “twitter followers” to help me reach #1 on Amazon.

I convinced one big business owner to buy 100 copies – 1 for each of his employees. Other fitness experts helped me construct the best Amazon Sales Page for maximum results. And my affiliates told their readers.

Without all of these contacts, I wouldn’t have hit #1.

So my advice to my jobless friend was to go on her facebook page and contact her friends. To email her old college friends. To get out there and start networking.

I’ve pretty much built my business on networking. On helping others first, like I’m helping you, and then when the time comes and I need help, there are lots of folks happy to help me.

So you should start helping others today…meeting others at seminars…learning from others via email and phone.

When I first started out and was a broke college student, I used to email and interview all the top strength coaches for my old site, www.CBAthletics.com

That’s how I got to know so many people…and fortunately, the fitness industry is full of good folks who are happy to help.

So start contacting people today.

Say good words about other trainers and training methods that deserve a good word. But do it without expecting anything in return.

Go to events, like the OSP meetings.

At the OSP 2008 small group coaching meeting in December, you’ll have a chance to meet some of the top up and coming fitness experts, plus “veterans” like Vince DelMonte.

Vince, like myself, is a natural at networking and getting to know and help other folks. In fact, Vince might be one of the most giving people I know…

…so just how imagine how he and I could help you during your 30 minute hotseat at the OSP 2008 meeting.

And then on Dec. 1st, at night, when we’re out on our “affluent field trip”, you’ll get even more time to network with your fellow attendees.

Believe me, I know from first hand experience, that it is often outside of the “classroom” where the big deals go down and the best partnerships are made.


Because people like to do business with friends. So when you get a chance to network and be social with other trainers, you build trust and rapport and that’s how business partnerships are built.

But if try and do it all alone, you’ll just end up burnt out and frustrated.

So grab your spot at the OSP 2008 meeting here and start networking at the top:

=> Click here to attend the OSP 2008 life-changing event

Networking is so much easier than trying to figure out Google Ad Words,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Earlier today I revealed my new 3-day promo strategy to Vince…

…and he’s the only guy I’m going to tell before my 3-day TT launch in January…except for those attending the 2008 seminar. This new strategy is going to be one of the BIG lessons I’m teaching on Day 1 of the 2008 meeting.

Plus, I’ll be sharing the advanced SEO strategies that working for me to shoot me up the google rankings even in highly competitive search terms like “fat loss”. All that and a lot more, plus each attendee gets a 30-minute hot seat.

Grab your spot here at the OSP 2008 here:

PS – There are only TWO spots left.

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