The Next Money Making Vince DelMonte

Too many people think there is too many secrets and too much luck associated with becoming a success and making money online.

Well, I can tell you that is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

I’m just an average guy. Average height. Average smarts. Average receding hairline.
Extraordinarily good looking, but other than that, average.

There’s nothing I have that you don’t. Anyone can become a success.

You know, just a year ago, Vince DelMonte was getting ready to attend my OSP Seminar. He was an up-and-coming fitness expert, andat the seminar, he stood up in front of everyone and announced a huge goal…

“I’m going to have the best-selling muscle-building product on Clickbank,” Vince said.

Within mere months, Vince achieved his goal, but not because he possesses any magic skill.

Vince succeeds because he follows a proven system and TAKES ACTION.

And that brings me to Mike Roulston, an OSP Inner Circle member whois going to be at the OSP 2008 small group meeting next month in Toronto.

Mike is going to be the next Vince DelMonte.

As one of the bonuses for attending the OSP 2008 meeting, Mike received a 1-hour Kickstart call with me. During that 60 minutes we refined his website, e-book, DVD’s, and his product launch to guarantee that his product will sell 5 figures in a 3-day promo.

“Thanks so much for the telephone consultation today. I’m blown away by how incredibly helpful the call was, and I’m already working on updating my product with the changes you suggested. With just the phone call, and the improvements you’ve suggested that I make to my product, I’ve already gotten many times more than my money’s worth from your December seminar. Prior to the call, I was mainly just hoping to break even with my product launch, and now fully expect to earn at least $10,000 within the first 3 days of my product launch. Thanks for everything, Craig. I haven’t even attended your seminar yet, and your guidance thus far has already helped me to see business success faster than I ever thought possible.”
Mike Roulston,

Listen, the market is NOT saturated and you have just as much opportunity as me, Alwyn Cosgrove, Ryan Lee, Dax Moy, Holly Rigsby, Mike Roulston, or Vince DelMonte has to succeed.

The one thing all of these experts have in common is that they never stop learning or networking. Those are two of the biggest”secrets” of success, but everyone has the power to network and learn. Those aren’t magic skills.

All you have to do is TAKE ACTION,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If you want personal help from me, Vince DelMonte, Mike Roulston and Brad Pilon…

…and you want a chance to network with other High-Level, ambitious fitness experts & observe those who are succeeding right now, you can still grab a spot and a hot seat at the OSP 2008 small group coaching event this December 1st & 2nd in Toronto.

If you want to maximize your money – making in the January 2009 fitness gold rush, you’ll get my personal help at the seminar and on our 1-hour Kickstart phone call to improve your website and optimize your products and offers.

As part of the OSP 2008 small group meeting, you’ll get…

1) A 30 minute hot seat where we’ll work on your business only
2) Two full days discovering what is working for me and other successful online fitness experts
3) A special “affluent experience” on the first night of the seminar
4) A 1-Hour Kickstart Phone Call
5) A full website review
6) Free admission to my upcoming Ad Copy Teleseminar

You’ll get everything you need to dramatically increase your online sales in 2009.

=> Click here to join the OSP 2008 Small Group Meeting

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