Make More Money Online with Holiday Promotions

One thing you always need to be doing in order to make more money online is finding ways to call attention to your business and products.

It’s a busy marketing world, and you need to be creative in order to find a reason why your prospects should choose you over your competitors.

So here are the top 10 holiday promotions you can do…

Fortunately, the calendar provides us dozens of opportunities each year to hold special promotions for our prospects and customers.

Really, there is a never any reason to miss an opportunity to promote your product and make more money online. All you need to do is to create your own fame with any traditional holiday, as well as special events related to your industry.

Here’s a list of all the major holidays, plus additional times of the year when you can add more bonuses to your product to create a higher-value package, or use as a good reason why to contact your past customers.

NOTE: Most of the comments below deal with the fat loss/bodysculpting market.

1) New Year’s Resolutions/“Fitness Season” 3-day promotions

Okay, doing a promo for New Year’s goes without saying since we are in the fitness industry, but I’m still surprised how few promotions I see at this time. People are “red hot” for fitness at this time of year, and you need to do everything you can to stand out among the hundreds of fitness choices consumers have at this time.

In my business, I run a New Year’s Resolution 3-day promo each year, adding bonuses to my e-book package before or during New Year’s. What worked really well this year were 2 specific bonuses. One was, “Transformation Expert Secrets” and the other popular one featured the goal-setting interview with Dax Moy that I mentioned earlier.

In addition, I combined the 3-day promo with the final push for a 12-week Transformation Contest that I was running on my site. The results were huge.

If you currently don’t have a transformation contest running on your fat loss or muscle building website, then take an hour and write out the rules, pick the prizes, and get people involved. I’m kicking myself for not doing these sooner! There’s still a month to go in my contest, and I already have 4 dramatic before and after case studies that I am now able to use on my site and in my e-book promotions.

2) The SuperBowl

Kudos to Josh Henkin of for sending out an email with an hour of the Giant’s upset SuperBowl victory over the Patriots. Josh combined his message with the Giant’s victory into a smart promotion for his sandbag training info and equipment.

Tying in your business with current events is an easy way to keep your communications with your readers fresh, interesting, welcome, and effective.

And it’s not hard – all of your communications with your list should be like having a conversation with a friend. Did you happen to have at least 1 conversation with a friend about the Superbowl? Sure, even if you talked about how much you dislike the “big day” and all the overeating, you could have simply made your email about that.

Ryan Lee did exactly that…writing about how he never watches the Superbowl, and was in fact scheduled to fly to New York while the game was on. That led into a promotion of one of Ryan’s products. Follow that formula and your readers will appreciate the lesson and be more interested in your products.

3) Valentine’s Day

With a name like Ballantyne, I’d be a fool not to do some type of Valentine’s Day promo. Heck, even Ryan Lee used my name in his Valentine’s Day promotion. Yet aside from Ryan and myself, the only other fitness info marketers I know of that did some type of Valentine’s Day were Vince DelMonte and Holly Rigsby (both members of my OSP Mastermind group).

Why didn’t you do something? It’s not hard to tie fitness into Valentine’s Day, so don’t let it pass you by next year!

4) Birthdays

Birthdays of course happen all throughout the year, and I did a HUGE birthday promo on last May. Not only can you celebrate your own birthday with a promo, but you could celebrate the birthday/anniversary of your website, your wife’s birthday, your kid’s birthday, or even your dog’s birthday.

Birthdays of any kind are always a great reason to celebrate and contact your clients. Heck, Yanik Silver even has promos when his kids are born. Your readers love to know about your personal life, so Birthday promos should bring a huge response.

Here’s a great example. On March 12th, the day I finished up this newsletter, I received an email from marketer Joe Polish, who said he was celebrating Einstein’s Birthday with a free teleseminar that night – a perfect example of using birthdays as a reason to email.

Bonus tip: Many marketers also celebrate “half-birthdays” – the day that is six months before/after your real birthday. Feel free to celebrate with a promo that day as well!

5) Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

In the case of Holly Rigsby, she has to come up with something to promote her site for Mother’s Day, and she has chosen to do a “Total Mom Makeover” teleseminar series.

What can you do for your folks on one of these holidays? In the fat loss niche, chances are your readers will be either a busy mom or dad, and they also would likely appreciate any appreciation you provide in the form of a bonus product offer.

6) Memorial Day Weekend

You can use Memorial Day Weekend in a couple of ways.

First, you can start 12 or 16 weeks before the holiday as our friend Alwyn Cosgrove does. He always remembers to mention the “countdown to the unofficial start of summer” in his emails start in February. This is a great tie-in to connect both the New Year’s resolution crowd that might be running out of steam to another important holiday that demands them to re-evaluate their fitness program.

Second, you can celebrate the actual holiday with a promo. No fancy build-up needed, just a great reason to celebrate.

Third, you can always hit your list with an email the day after, mentioning the guilt they are feeling after the weekend holiday hot-dog binge at the family picnic. Your prospects will be looking to atone for their diet sins and make sure they are in shape for the next major holiday (i.e. July 4th in the USA).

7) July 1st & July 4th

In Canada, we celebrate our country’s birthday on July 1st, and of course America follows with their celebration on July 4th. You can do promotions simply “because” in honor of the holiday, or you can use the “summer will be over soon” message to get people serious about losing fat before Labor Day.

8) Halloween

The opportunities are endless for fun, off-the-wall, outrageous Halloween promotions. Or you could stick to a more serious message about the dangers of Halloween candy on your reader’s waistlines. But it would be much more fun to do something in the spirit of the holiday.
Perhaps some type of spooky giveaway.

The more creative & outrageous you are, the better your response will be.

9) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time of year to contact your customers with client-appreciation offers. After all, people are overwhelmed with commitments at Christmas time, but aside from visiting family, Thanksgiving is a relatively low-email contact event.

Not a lot of folks use it for promotional activities. So if you can grab the attention of folks who aren’t spending all day at the mall, you can benefit from this holiday.

10) Christmas

Christmas is a tough time to keep fitness on the minds of your readers, but it never hurts to incorporate some type of promo for last minute gift givers, or to launch a promo immediately after the big day. A lot of people will be feeling guilty and will be ready to launch into their New Year’s Resolutions a few days early.

Those are the top 10 holidays to use as online money making promotions.

Have fun and be creative,

Craig Ballantyne

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