Beat the Recession Like A Rented Mule

Today’s lesson on beating the recession like a rented mule comes from an unlikely place…a bad movie.

On the plane ride back from the OSP UK Seminar, I watched the movie,”Get Smart”. It was actually really good, 10x’s better than I expected.

Unfortunately, I still had 5 hours left in the flight when it was over, and I didn’t feel like reading any more. So I tried watchingthe movie, “Swing Vote”, since it’s about a fictional US Election.

In the movie, which had great potential but just moves way too slow and is annoying, the fate of the US Election rests in the hands of one voter, a slacker named Bud.

Bud has ten days to decide his vote, and gets a lot of media attention, and as a result becomes famous. He then starts getting truckloads of mail, because people start turning to him as their leader…just because he is famous.

We all want leaders. We all want folks to show us what to do.

You see, even in in the best of times, 95% of people are followers and need a leader. But in dire times, such as the situation in the movie and what we are experiencing in real life today, folks want a leader even more than usual.

And the smart trainers are going to be the ones that step up and take that leadership role, become celebrities in their market, and end up with more followers – and money – than the other trainers that sit back and do nothing.

People need leaders.

They want instructions.

They don’t want theory.

So keep that in mind when you are putting together your products.

Just yesterday, I just reviewed a massive e-book and it was all theory. But from my experience, that’s the opposite of what people want.

They don’t want theories because that requires them to think and make a decision on their own.

Instead, they want you – their leader – to decide for them and tell them what to do. And they’ll pay for that, much more than they will pay for theories.

So get out there and take charge. Stand up and voice your opinion.

Create products that tell the world your way is the best way, and that everyone should listen to you because YOU are the one with the answers.

The trainer who does that will win. The trainers who don’t are toast.

Now is the time for leaders more than ever,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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