Think Big to Make Money Online

On Friday afternoon, on a nice sunny afternoon in London (where the weather is much nicer than the legend makes it out to be), Dax Moy stepped up to the microphone and “blew the minds” of over 35 fitness experts. He made us “Think Big to Make Money Online”.

He challenged us all that we were not doing enough of it. Too many of us are thinking of increasing our income from $50,000 to $60,000.

Instead, we should be thinking of making our yearly income into our monthly income.

Now I know at first that sounds crazy. But Dax did it. And I did it over the course of a two-year span. And now Dax has me thinking I can do it again next year! No matter how much bad news there is in the paper, I’m thinking bigger thanks to Dax’ talk.

Are you? Are you thinking big enough?

Are you thinking of ways you can…

- Quadruple your website traffic
- Get on TV as the local fitness expert
- Film dozens of youtube videos that will get you hundreds of thousands of views
- Create 5 new fitness products this year

There are so many ways you can think bigger and accomplish 10 times more than you did this year. You have to expand your mind.

So take 20 minutes today and brainstorm some BIG ideas,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – You’ll need a system to get this all done…

…but the OSP System-in-a-Box shows you exactly what you need to do in order to create new products, film videos, develop a unique hook, and block your time for Maximum Productivity.

“Wow! Talk about a turnkey system to make more money online! Using Craig’s OSP Seminar-In-A-Box, we have managed to make over $3,000 in the first month of launching our first of many products to come! Modeling Craig’s sales copy outline has proven to be BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE as our newsletter opt-in rate has been 35% and our sales conversion rate has been 6.6%! Plus, we have had an 85% upsell conversion rate by using the limited-time bonuses and
call-to-action method that has been so successful for Craig.

Basically, anything that Craig says when it comes to online fitness info products will make you some serious loot.

I simply cannot recommend Craig’s OSP system highly enough. It’s a complete done-for-you tried and proven blueprint to generating massive passive income so you can make more and train less! Thanks for sharing your online secrets Craig, you are truly making freedom a reality for us fitness pros.”
BJ Gaddour, CSCS, YFS

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