#1 Piece of Online Money Making Advice for You

Here’s my #1 piece of online money making advice for you.

“Sell more products to your customers.”

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Thanks jackass, the problem is I don’t have any customers. That’s why I came to you in the 1st place!”

And you’re right, I’m sorry. So let me back up.

I did two OSP coaching calls last week, and they both centered around selling follow up products for profit. Both of these OSP students understood that a real business is built on selling to customers.

As a result, both fitness experts were willing to make less profit on the first sale in order to simply get a customer on their list.

That means…

- giving away the maximum affiliate commission you can give
- giving extra bonuses to affiliates
- giving away incredible value in the first product sale to clients
- investing money in resources that will help them make more sales

These two fitness experts are going to grow big online businesses even during these troubled times because they understand the importance of my #1 piece of advice.

I hope you do too.

Do everything you can to get more customers on your list,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Did you know you get over $700 worth of bonuses with the OSP System?

Well, you do, because I’m doing everything I can to make you an OSP client, so that I can teach you everything that is working for me in my online business.

The OSP bonuses include…

1) A website review

2) A free 1-Year Platinum TT Membership

3) 2 free issues of the OSP Inner Circle Newsletter

4) Re-sell rights to 2 of my best TT programs

Get your free bonuses when you grab your Online SuperProfits System-in-a-Box here:
=> http://www.onlinesuperprofits.com

“Just wanted to say thanks and let you know what the Online SuperProfits DVD’s have done for my success. In addition to now having 3 advanced fitness products online, I have been able to transfer the knowledge into another niche and diversify.

Your strategy for doing more at once (we used to call that concurrent activity in the army) has resulted in a rate of production that I had not previously achieved. As it stands now I have another 4 projects on the go…one of which is going to take FaceBook by storm… and it is all thanks to the OSP DVD’s.”
Todd Lamb

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October 20, 2008

Dr. Bryan P. Walsh @ 8:22 am

Hey there, Craig. Great advice as always.

The printer industry does this – they sell you a printer at cost knowing they made a customer who will be buying ink for a long time in the future.

My wife and I modeled this in our practice and have a low introductory service to get people in the door, knowing they will be buying future services.

But my question to you is this . . .

I’ll be soon launching my “Fat Is Not Your Fault: Guide to Hypothyroidism” system where I teach people about hypothyroidism, where to go to get their own lab tests AND how to interpret it themselves, as well as what to do about it. It’s pretty high level, sophisticated stuff. Yes I’m looking for future customers, but does a specialized product warrant a higher price?

Also, doesn’t a higher price attract more affiliate sales?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks so much.

Be well,
Dr. Bryan P. Walsh

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Dr. Bryan P. Walsh @ 11:24 am

Hey there, Craig. Great advice as usual.

The printer industry uses this tactic as well – they sell you a printer at cost knowing you’ll be buying ink for a long time after that.

My wife and I use that in our practice with great success. We have a reasonably price introductory package to get them in the door, offer great service, and then the always come back for additional visits.

I’ll soon be launching my first product in my Fat Is Not Your Fault series, “Guide to Hypothyroidism”. In it I teach people all about the thyroid, where to go to get their OWN testing, how to interpret it themselves and then what to do about it. Very high-level, sophisticated stuff.

So here is my question to you . . .

1. With a specialized product like that, I was considering offering it for $77 rather than the $39 industry standard. Would you say that is too high?

2. At a higher price, wouldn’t affiliates be more likely to promote it?

Thanks for everything you do.

Be well,
Dr. Bryan P. Walsh

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MakeMoreMoneyOnline.com @ 1:50 pm

Yes, a higher price and commission will get affiliates only interested in the money. If its a good product at $39, you’ll still get affiliates who will want to promote it.

Without knowing the details of the product, its hard to suggest a price, but I agree with your comment about an increase in specialization leading to an increase in value.


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