The Best $97 I Ever Spent

So last night I go to leave Toronto, when I realize my muffler is dragging on the ground. Dang. I dropped the car off at the garage at the end of my street and walked home.

Yeah, I still drive an 11 year old car, a ‘97 Maxima.

I could, and should, get a new one. But I remember when I didn’t have the cash to do that. Plus, I love that car.

I remember when I struggled financially, driving the Maxima uptown at 5:30am on the quiet city streets of T.O., working a 10-hour training day, then driving it downtown to volunteer coach inner city basketball players, and driving home barely keeping my eyes open.

Practically every buck I made I re-invested into my business. I remember when I first spent $97 on a thick manual that showed me howto set-up a basic Internet business. That was $97 I wasn’t 100% sure I should spend…but I did, and it might have been the best $97 I’ve ever spent.

It was a manual by Bob Serling called, “Info Millions”. I don’t know if you can find it anymore, but if you can, and you’re new to this Internet stuff, get it.

I also remember when I paid a couple hundred bucks to join Ryan Lee’s 1st sports training profits teleseminar. I wondered for daysif I made the right decision…but as soon as he started the call I know I did. That product has helped me over and over again.

And I remember when I paid to go to my first expensive seminar. I thought, “What am I doing?!?!?”. But again, it was clearly worth it as soon as I sat down and started networking with the other folks there, even though they weren’t in the fitness industry.

So still today, the money can go lots of places. It can go to a new car (should get one) or a Big TV (don’t got one), or I can do what I’ve always done.

Think big.

Look to the future.

So I keep re-investing my money back in my business to learn new strategies, make new partnerships, develop new opportunities, help more people, and coach more trainers.

You know, from the little investments (all the books I buy from Amazon), to the big investments (such as the 2 Mastermind groups I pay big bucks to be a part of), I know that every single dollar spent to improve my business is going to come back to me 10x’s, if not 100x’s.

I can’t see getting that kind of ROI on a new car or TV.

Although I’m sure folks won’t be disappointed to hear I’ve got a new muffler on the Maxima,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – I remember when I first started out…

…if I only knew then what I know now.

Especially about setting up a website to maximize the value of each visitor. I mean really, what’s the point of spending money on a website if people are just going to show up and “Bounce” (that’s the Internet term for leaving in under 5 seconds).

Did you know that over 90% of visitors BOUNCE from most trainer’s websites in just seconds?

Could you imagine if 90% of your offline prospects left your facility in just 5 seconds? Wouldn’t you try to do something about that?

That’s why, knowing what I know now, I understand that a full website review is one of the most important things I can help you with. And you’ll get one as one of your free bonuses when you grabyour OSP System-in-a-Box here:

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