Craig Ballantyne goes to London, England

Don’t forget about the 1-day, mind-blowing seminar that Dax Moy and I will be doing in London, England, on Friday, October 24th.

There are 3 or 4 spots left at this 1-day event, but it’s only 9 days away!

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Now for a funny story…

Can you believe this?

The main reason I was going over to London, England next week was to go and watch an English Premier Soccer Match live and in-person. It has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid…

…I just added the seminar on as something to do.

But then just last week I learned they re-scheduled the game, and there are no other soccer games in London on Saturday. So now I have nothing to do on Saturday afternoon.

Ironically, there is an NFL game in London on the Sunday that I might try and go to. Figures I’d be the only Canadian guy to go toEurope that ends up watching a live American football game. Oh well,weirder things have happened.

But back to the seminar that Dax and I are doing… Remember as Dax says, “this workshop has been built to allow you to get 6 months worth of success from a single day and we’ve really put together a complete success blueprint for you to make sure that happens. The best thing is, it’s not expensive and so you only have to put into action just one or two ideas we’ll be sharing with you and you’ll soon recoup that investment… probably in the first week.”

And when I say not expensive, I mean dirt cheap. It’s only 199 pounds. Even if you were trading in Canadian Loonies, that’s only $450 or so.

450 bucks for a proven blueprint to success, delivered in just one day, is a steal.

Most folks are used to 3-day seminars, but to be honest, 2/3 of most weekend seminars are a waste of time. Often you could have boiled all the good info down to just 6-8 hours worth of info…and that’s what Dax and I are doing – so you get done Friday and still have the weekend for yourself, rather than wasting time and money in an expensive hotel in London-town.

Add to that the 100% satisfaction guarantee and you’ve got a surefire success package ready made for you that, quite honestly, you’d be nuts to miss, as Dax says.

See you there!

Craig and Dax

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