2009 Make Money Online Predictions

On Monday afternoon – after my puppy, Bally the Dog, ran away and was later found begging for burgers at an outdoor BBQ – I checked into my membership website and found a disappointing message about making money online.

It turns out one of my TT Members busted another trainer – a trainer who I know personally – copying my daily TT email and sending itout as if they wrote it, promoting their products, and giving no credit back to me.

Very disappointing, but this isn’t the first time I’ve caught someone plagerizing my material.
When I asked this trainer why he did this, his answer made me feel really, really sorry for him. He said…

“I am very sorry. I have been very stressed lately with my studioand have not been able to muster up any writing creativity for a while now. It will never happen again.”


Clearly, the recession is hitting some folks hard. Fewer people going in for training. Studios getting slow. Times are a-changing.

So that brings me to my 2009 predictions.

Prediction #1 - Trainers who rely on only ONE source of income (i.e. in-person training) are going to have a rough 2009.

Prediction #2 - Fitness experts who have multiple streams of income (i.e. training, fitness info products, magazine writing, etc.) are going to have a good 2009.

Prediction #3 - Fitness experts who spend the rest of this year discovering the secrets to online success are going to have a great 2009 and beat the tar out of the recession, setting themselves up financially for the rest of their lives.

That’s how pivotal 2009 is going to be in the fitness industry.

And that’s why in the November Issue of the OSP Inner Circle Newsletter, I’m going over 5 of the biggest “Recession-Beater” marketing tips – that work for both offline and online businesses – to help you dominate your fitness market in 2009.

If you are prepared, you’ll have nothing to fear in these wildfinancial times.

Otherwise you’ll be looking for handouts like Bally the Dog,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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