Eliminate the Competition and Make More Money

On Monday I met with Celebrity Lawyer, Nick Nanton, and his business partner, and we settled on a plan for 2009 that is going to completely revolutionize my business. In fact, we’re working on something that Nick’s partner, a lawyerwith over 23 years of experience, said he had never seen BEFORE.

No one else is doing what we have planned for January. It is a complete innovation. And by doing so, what have I done? Eliminated the competition. I’ve given myself a HUGE competitive advantage without getting into price wars or mud-slinging.

After all, you can’t have competition when you are the only one doing something! (See below for another way I separate myself from the competition and YOU can too…). I won’t be able to tell you all the details about my new project until January, but I can tell you this…

I would NOT have figured this out on my own.

Just like your clients can not figure out the solution to their workout problems on their own, you and I can’t figure out every single problem in our busineses – or identify every amazing opportunity – on our own.

Your clients need help. I need help. You need help.

You need to do some type of masterminding or get a coach or mentor if you want to survive today’s harsh economic climate.

We all need help from time to time,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – On the plane ride home…

I had a big “Aha!” moment about using the personality of the system in your business to separate you from everyone else. In fact, it is one of the secrets to my success.

I shared this tip with my Mastermind group, and I’ll be putting it in the November OSP Inner Circle Newsletter for you to read.

If you are a new OSP member and struggling, I bet this System Personality tip is one of the ways you can immediately increase your online results. And it doesn’t require any “geeky Internet” knowledge.

More to come in the November OSP Inner Circle Newsletter, along with an interview with Nick Nanton about Celebrity Branding YOU!

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