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You know, folks are saying to me all the time, “Ballantyne, aren’t you worried that giving away this information is going to hurt YOUR business?”

And I say, “What?!?!”

No way.

Do you think I worry when another fat loss expert comes out with anew product in my market?

Do you think I’d be scared if Alwyn Cosgrove or Matt Furey becamethe world’s most famous trainer?

Of course not. How could I be disappointed if millions more people were using the Google to search for, “interval training”, “bodyweight exercises”, or “strength training for fat loss”?

The success of others can only INCREASE my business.

After all, where’s the best location to have a coffee shop?

Beside a Starbucks.

Heck, OSP Inner Circle Member Emile Jarreau has his training studio right across from a Gold’s Gym. That’s brilliant!

Do you think he’s scared of the competition?

No way!

But if you are…if you worry that another trainer with a similar product to you in your marketplace is going to hurt your business, then your thinking is all wrong!!!

Step outside. Take a look around.

Do you think for a second the health and fitness industry is saturated? That there’s no more opportunity?

Where’s your confidence?

Where’s the belief in yourself?

If you are worried, than I’d take a good, hard look at your product AND your personality, and then fix it so that you believe – 100% -that you have the best product in the world and an interesting personality that ATTRACTS the best clients.

Because I know I do.

That’s why I can give away all of my business secrets to OSP InnerCircle Members.

Because at the end of the day, I know that no one is as creative,hard-working, or determined to succeed as I am. My workouts are the best, my systems are the best, and I’ve created a complex business that no one else has the energy or guts to copy.

That’s how confident I am.

And that’s how confident you MUST be about your product.

You should be thinking, “Ballantyne, you’re don’t know nothing. I’m smarter than you, a harder worker, my workouts are better, and I’m at least twice as good looking as you.”

Because that’s the attitude that will guarantee your success no matter how much competition is out there and no matter how bad the world’s economy nosedives.

“Bring it on”, should be your attitude, because you are the best in your market, aren’t you?

Seriously. If you don’t answer YES! to that question, than you got some self-reflection to do.

But if you’re the best, then you’re going to be the one who wins my $1000 OSP 60-Day Transformation Challenge, right?

So let’s see what you got! Bring it on!

For all the details on the contest, go here:

=> The OSP Transformation Contest

It’s on,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – By now you should be jacked up and ready to run through a wall…

But wait. Don’t do that.

Instead, head over to get all the details about the TransformationContest here:

=> Click here for Contest Details

You don’t have to send me anything now, but just make sure you have evidence of how your business grows over the next 60 days, and then send that in to me on November 30th and you could win $1000.

Good luck!

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