#1 Thing You Must Do to Grow

BIG Surprise coming for you tomorrow…but today, we’re just about to start Day 2 of the OSP Mastermind Meeting…

…and we all got “schooled” yesterday. Even I left with at least 5 big ideas to implement as soon as today is over. Killer stuff, all based on the theory that Personality Marketing trumps boring, “hard to learn” Internet geek techniques like Ad Words. We started the day with my presentation on the 4 pillars of a proven online business, and then we started throwing ideas around helping out each other’s businesses.

We talked…

- blogging secrets

- how to figure out your target market

- video secrets

- how to improve headlines

- the exact step-by-step sequence for getting more traffic to your website And that was all before lunch!

I can’t recommend getting into a mastermind or coaching group enough.

Getting a coach and help from others is the #1 thing you must do to grow your business.

And you can experience the Power of the Mastermind in Toronto this December.

Discover the details on this life-changing event here:

=> http://www.OnlineSuperProfits.com/2008

Surround yourself with smarter people than yourself,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If you live in the UK, then don’t miss this ONE!

World-renowned Inspiration Expert Dax Moy and I will be hosting a 1-day Personal Trainer Blueprint seminar in London, England, on Friday, October 24th.

Only 11 spots remain…

=> Click here for the UK Seminar Details

“I have invested in coaching with Craig Ballantyne and Dax Moy. It has been thousands of dollars and then some. I have also purchased and went through Dax Moy’s Magic Hundred Program, and, I am also a subscriber to CB’s online super profits. I understand the power of investing in a Coach.

“With Dax and CB, you are investing in TWO TOP NOTCH Coaches! Even if you follow their advice only half way, you can double your income. Why am I sending this unsolicited testimonial about Dax and CB? Because I want people to understand the incredible power of having awesome coaches and being surrounded by like minded people where more great things can happen.

“If you live in the UK, you MUST get to their seminar because it will take you to the top. Jumping the ladder of success is what it’s all about, NOT climbing!”
Zach Even – Esh, NJ

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