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I spent a few hours last Friday afternoon reviewing the websites of7 OSP Inner Circle members. And I found a lot of sales-killing website mistakes.

Are you missing out on sales because of these mistakes on YOUR site?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to risk any sales in the crazy financial market these days.

So go through your site, and make sure you are NOT making these mistakes. Instead, implement all the secrets you’ve learned from theOSP System DVD’s and CD’s. This will help you make more sales even without getting more people to your site.

1) Write Homer Simpson Copy.

I think it was Ryan Lee who used that phrase last week at his Bootcamp. He mentioned that when you explain the benefits of your products and your offer, you must make sure you write it at the level so anyone can understand it.

In some of the sites I reviewed, even I was having a hard time understanding what the product was, and I’m in the fitness industry!

People want things simplified.

In fact, one of the best tips I was ever given from the editors atMen’s Health magazine was to make sure I was writing my articles at a 7th grade level.

So if your website can’t explain the benefits of your e-books and DVD’s to a 12 year old kid, than it is too complex. Go back and simplify it.

2) You are not a professional copywriter. So quit trying to be one.

Quit trying to sound smart.

By “forcing” it, some of things these fitness experts wrote on their websites sounded really awkward. So when it comes to explaining your product and your offer, just say it how you would really say it!

I see a lot of folks trying to over-hype their products, and the words come out wrong.

Here’s how to fix it…

Read your website copy out loud as if you were reading it to your client. Would they laugh, raise their eyebrows, or think you are a total dork for saying what you said?

And remember to consider the “code words” for your niche. I talk about this in the OSP seminar. Some words will offend your readers,while others will show that you truly understand their problems.

Spend a little time on this and think about how your clients communicate with each other.

3) Dont underestimate how CONSERVATIVE your readers are.

I’m seeing more and more trainers swearing in their sales copy.

Whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaa! Slow down.

Yes, I understand that you want to have “personality” on your site,after all that’s one of the main lessons I tell every OSP member, but c’mon, can’t you have a personality without cursing like a trucker?

Listen, I guarantee you are turning off people with the swear words,and not just the ones that wouldn’t become your clients. I’m talking about potential lifetime customers who LOVE your info and your personality, but are offended by swear words.

Personally, I think swearing does more hurt than harm.

That’s enough for today. More to come tomorrow on how to fix your website before its too late.

Don’t turn OFF the people you ATTRACT,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Look what I found!

According to my printer, he found a bunch of old OSP newsletters sitting around, and so I’m going to give them away with all future OSP orders until they are all gone.

Here’s what the printer said we have…

Issue #1, March – 8 copies
Issue #2, April – 9 copies
Issue #3, May – ONLY 1 copy – next order gets it!
Issue #4, June – 0 copies (sorry!)
Issue #5, July – 8 copies
Issue #6, August – 5 copies
Issue #7, September – 3 copies (includes Legendary JNL interview!)

So the next order will get…

March, April, May (the only one!), July, August, and September.

The order after that gets…

March, April, July, August, and September.

And so on.

…and let me know which issue you want.

PPS – There are a lot more bonuses…

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Alwyn Cosgrove

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September 29, 2008

Get Your 6 Pack Abs @ 12:16 pm

#3 is extremely important.

We all forget this as we’re used to communicating with friends.

Profanity is a huge turn-off on a sales site. We don’t see corporations doing it, so why would we?

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