Ryan Lee Bootcamp Video

This is a special message for everyone who attended the Ryan Lee Bootcamp on the weekend.

I have a bit of shocking advice about what you should do with all those pages of notes you made…

Ryan Lee Bootcamp Video

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September 23, 2008

zevenesh @ 10:10 pm

CB – people told me they have endless pages of notes, I told them to grab the small notepad sitting around and write down the top 3, BIG ideas they really loved….then told them to choose just ONE and kill it!

Then, after killing it, go back and do # 2, and finally # 3

It took me a while to realize this and now it’s rockin’ big time, thanks again for a great dinner brother and a great time, your good words mean a lot and I know Bally the dog is also proud of me because you watch my show together while snuggling!

u da man baby!

kill it!


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