Ryan Lee Bootcamp Seminar Lesson

What a weekend. I just got home from another action-packed Ryan Lee Bootcamp in Stamford, CT. It was life-changing for EVERYONE there.

And there was one over-riding theme that kept coming up again and again and again, no matter who was speaking.

There was…

=> The Grandfather of fitness marketing, Ryan Lee

=> Youtube expert Arnel Rianfranca

=> The High-Voltage Vince DelMonte

=> Mr. Intensity, Zach Even-Esh

=> and Mr. Super-Intensity, Rocco Castellano

And it seems all of us wanted to share the message about the importance of being yourself and sharing the REAL YOU with the worldso that you can connect deeply with your readers, listeners, and viewers.

It’s all about the CORE of your business.

That message was everywhere. Your business is YOU. Not your product. Not your training style. Not even your facility. Your product is you.

In fact, on the ride to La Guardia Saturday afternoon, I also found this message in the issue of Entrepreneur magazine I was reading. The article wrote…

“The belief in who you are and the value of what you’re selling must be solid to the core.”


Because people want to do business with REAL people who genuinelybelieve in themselves and the products and services they are delivering.

Not fakes. Not someone they can see through.

I only wish you had been there to hear everyone’s tips on how to build a successfull business around YOU.


…If you were unfortunate enough to miss this powerful event, don’t worry, there is another magical event coming up…

It’s even worth crossing the ocean for this one – if you don’t livein the UK.

We are promising you will get more accomplished in this one day than you have in the last 6 months. That’s our BIG promise to you.

Dax and I are putting our hearts and souls into this one day event.

In fact, here’s my guarantee to you about the one day coaching…

“If this meeting isn’t the most positive life-changing event since the birth of your children or marriage to your spouse, then we’ll give you your money back.”

Visit this link for the secret details on this UK Seminar:

=> http://www.personaltrainersuccessacademy.com/cbdax.htm

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Are YOU ready to make more progress in ONE day than you have in the last 6 months?

That’s our promise to you at the OSP UK Seminar. Its going to be POWERFUL stuff. Dax is unlike anyone you’ll ever meet. And I’m not so bad either!

‘Since Masterminding with Craig and other fitness experts, my ’speedof implementation’ has skyrocketed. After Masterminding with such anamazing group of professionals, I am even more inspired and motivatedto turn it up another notch.”
Kim McCullough, TotalFemaleHockey.com

Visit this link for the secret details on this UK Seminar:

=> http://www.personaltrainersuccessacademy.com/cbdax.htm

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