5 Secrets to Online Success

Want to know my “not so secret” source of amazing online and offline business ideas? His name is Dan Kennedy, and he’s practically the Godfather of Info and Internet Marketing Experts.

From Ryan Lee to Matt Furey, from Alywn Cosgrove to Vince DelMonte, all of the best-selling fitness info have learned a lot from Kennedy.

So today, I’m going to share 5 Success Secrets from Kennedy, and I urge you to grab yourself a copy of Kennedy’s free gift.

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Alright, let’s hear from Mr. Kennedy…

Success Secret #1 – Don’t waste time.

Manage your time. Manage your energy. Do the right activities for your mind at the right time of day. Write your emails when you are most creative. Train your clients when you are most motivating.

Success Secret #2 – Think Big.

Just take action, get started, and do it fast. Get around others who think big and see a bright future. Don’t hang around negative folks.

Success Secret #3 – Price Elasticity

Add a lot more value to your products and services so you can charge more. Once your products are worth more, simply increase your fees. Do it with confidence!

Success Secret #4 – If in doubt, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing…

Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t try to be “everything to everyone”. Instead, work hard to separate yourself from everyone else, and build your powerful niche market.

Success Secret #5 – Don’t get involved in other people’s problems.

If it’s none of your business, then it’s a waste of time to get involved. Don’t get distracted. Be ruthless with your time. And remember, every minute you waste on trivial “gossip” and “politics”, you steal from your family and friends.

Time is your most valued asset…don’t waste it!

And go grab your free gift from Kennedy…it’s worth your time.

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Helping you get more done,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – As soon as Kennedy’s newsletters show up at my house…

…I stop everything else, tear open the package, and devour every word and idea from those pages.

His tips have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past year, and more importantly, are setting me up for even more powerful success in the future…and showing me how to create more free time away from work.

Grab your gift here and try out Kennedy’s tips:

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