3 Seminars You Can’t Miss

It’s time to Take Action. I get a lot of emails from a lot of folks looking for help. And now is your chance to get all the info you need to succeed. Here are 3 seminars you must attend if you live close by.

There really is no excuse – aside from living in Australia or going on your honeymoon – for you not to attend at least one of these.

1) First up, to all the OSP readers in the UK…we’ve finalized the details of our seminar…

On Oct. 24th, Dax and I will be presenting the “Personal Trainer Business Blueprint to Achieve MORE in One Day Than You Have in the Last SIX Months”.

That’s our promise to you.

More details on how to register coming SOON!

2) The Ryan Lee Bootcamp is only 10 days away.

There will be 300 excellent trainers in attendance. You’d be crazy not to go.

I’ll be on-stage for an hour showing you how to build your business with personality, celebrity, and plain ol’, “being a good person that other people like”. Screw the technical stuff, let’s focus on the practical…

Sign-up here or miss out on the networking event of the season.

=> Click Here to Reserve Your Spot at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp

See you soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Oh yeah, about the 3rd seminar…
If you really, really, REALLY want to have a big year online in 2009, and if the Internet is truly the focus of your business, then the best seminar for you is the 2-day small group coaching meeting I’m hosting on Dec. 1 & 2nd in Toronto.

You’ll get a 30-minute hot seat devoted to solving the biggest problems in your online business.

It’ll be the best 30 minutes of coaching you’ve ever had. That’s my promise to you.

=> Click Here to Discover how I “Won the Lottery” in a Similar Situation

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