Redneck Marketing Tips

On Sunday mornings, we have breakfast at my parent’s place in the country. And my Mom always has on some country music station playing the “Jeff Foxworthy Countdown”.

I hope y’all know who Jeff Foxworthy is…He’s also the guy on the critically-acclaimed show, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th-Grader”.

Anyways, Foxworthy has developed a character that is OSP-worthy.

Here’s why…

1) He’s developed an entertaining personality.

He’s not boring. He’s funny.

How many trainers could take a lesson from that? Why is the fitness industry the most serious industry in the universe? You’d think we ran funeral homes or something. Heck, even those guys have a better sense of humor than most trainers.

It’s as if it were a sin to be funny. We take ourselves way too seriously, and I think that a fitness expert with personality would have mega-success on the Net.

NOTE: I’m as guilty as anyone…my videos are a little bland. But I am working on it! You should too!

2) He knows “WHO” he’s for and “WHO” he’s against

Foxworthy ain’t trying to please everyone. He ain’t even trying to please every country music fan.

He’s alienated some folks (the people who think his character is a redneck idiot) in an effort to create a much more intimate relationship with the people who love his schtik.

And that’s one thing most trainers have to get over.

You CAN NOT please everyone. No matter how nice you, no matter how helpful your information, there’s some lonely soul on the Internet who will find fault with you and your advice.

Accept it, move on, and focus on the people who think you are the greatest thing since easily-mixable protein powders.

The more you focus on your core fans, the more it will draw those people too you, and yes, the more it will repel others. But it is worth it to serve your core fans on a greater level.

Getting 100,000 people to give you $10 isn’t the only way to make a million.

It’s easier, a heck of a lot more fun, and more rewarding to everyone involved to get 1000 people to give you $1000.

So the next time you come across Mr. Foxworthy on TV, watch him for a minute or two and take some notes.

Just don’t get me started on Larry “The Cable Guy”,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Are You Having FUN Yet?

Writing this was fun. Thinking about this was fun. Helping you is fun. The OSP System shows you how to have fun while creating your online business.

That’s the way it should be.

You should be having FUN promoting your business to your prospects. It shouldn’t be something you dislike, or feel uncomfortable doing.

If you are a fun person, it should shine through in your communication to your readers. And on your site.

If your marketing needs a FUN makeover, grab the OSP Seminar-in-a-Box, and find out how to make your personality shine through to WOW your readers and make them want to do more and more business with you.

Click here to discover how the OSP System has helped other trainers improve their websites:

PPS – That ends this week’s “Country-style” marketing lessons.

Nextweek, a LOT of FUN video lessons and I start a 9-day trip through Orlando, Washington, and Connecticut. See you there!

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