Kid Rock Sweet Home Marketing Lessons

Don’t lie to me, I know you’ve been singing along to Kid Rock’s”Sweet Home Alabama” cover “All Summer Long”. You gotta hand it to Mr. Rock, this is the one of the best music marketing ideas of the summer.

Anyways, here’s how the man whose name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Rock can teach us something about selling fitness info products.

Not sure what song I’m talking about? Watch the video here:

=> Kid Rock Song

First, just think about what he’s done.

Did he re-invent the wheel?


Did he take a proven product and re-make it for his niche market?

Yep. Sure, he could have just done a straight-up cover version, BUTby changing the lyrics and customizing them for his audience, he created a commercial hit that is nothing short of marketing brilliance.

Now let’s get one thing straight…I’m not recommending you go copy anyone’s product…I doubt you have the deep pockets to pay handsome sums of royalties like Kid Rock.

However, on Monday afternoon while I was out at my sweet country home, I did an audio interview with Pat Rigsby where he asked me about my new Turbulence Training for Abs product.

What I did with that product is I niched it even further. My abs product is not just another “six pack abs workout program”. Instead,it has been niched for the home-gym, minimal equipment, NO-CRUNCH, ANTI-CARDIO audience.

So just like Kid Rock took a proven product (Sweet Home Alabama)and niched it to men and women born in his generation who drank and fooled around and “smoked funny things” while listening to Sweet Home Alabama in their teenage years…

…I took a proven product (an abs workout) and niched it to men and women who workout at home with minimal equipment and prefer my training style to the stuff you get in Muscle’n'Fiction.

That’s my BIG idea. My hook. My angle. The details that set me apart from everyone else online.

Do you have one for your business? What makes your products better, or at least different from everyone elses?

You MUST have a hook. Just like Kid Rock. If you need help getting your HOOK or building excitement in your marketing, then grab my CD’s to listen to in your car as you drive between clients. I promise you it will help you find your hook.

Tomorrow, we’re going to continue on with our country theme and I’ll tell you what we can all learn from that self-proclaimed redneck, Jeff Foxworthy (the guy from, “Are you smarter than a fifth-grader”).

Even “hillbillies” know the importance of marketing,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If Hillbillies can do it, YOU can do it…

And I’ll give you the recipe for creating a HOOK, setting yourself apart and getting people to improve their lives by getting your ebooks & DVD’s.

Grab your copy of the CD’s and DVD’s at this link because you’ll need them to make more money online:


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