Leaving Las Vegas

Wow, that was better than expected. I haven’t had that much fun in two weeks, not since my trip to Aspen.

Last Thursday, as I sat in the Las Vegas airport with OSP Mastermind Member Vince DelMonte, and reflected back on our whirlwind 48 hourswe had in Vegas, I found myself renewed and re-charged, and ready to get back to conquering the Internet with my online fitness info products site.

Now I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to go with everything else I had going on, but as soon as the airplane left Toronto, Vince had me jacked up for the meeting and we were brainstorming ways to keep his business cranking through the end of the year.

And Ryan Lee, who was hosting this little event, stepped it up and took his legend to the next level. I’m forever grateful to Ryan for the 2-day meeting, and for getting over a dozen fitness experts inthe same room sharing powerful business ideas.

The networking was killer.

As you might know, I’ve pretty much built my ENTIRE business on networking.

Not with google ad words, or other Internet trickery, but simply with networking. Knowing, helping, and sharing with other people. Radical concept, right?

Networking is the non-geek’s way to succeed online. And I highly suggest you spend some time doing it. If you are serious about succeeding online, you must make every effort to attend events where you can network with other experts and discover their secrets.

So it would be foolish of you to miss the Ryan Lee bootcamp. It’s going to be Vegas on steroids. If that’s possible. By that I mean, as powerful as our little Mastermind meeting was in Vegas, Ryan’s 300-expert bootcamp is going to be 10-50x’s more powerful.

There will be 300 like-minded, successful fitness experts in the same room.

Can you imagine the energy? It’s going to be a classic Ryan Lee rocking good time.

Get your butt signed up here:

=> Click Here to Reserve Your Spot at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp

You’d be crazy to miss this one,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Don’t skip the Thursday bonus day!

I’ll be on-stage for an hour showing you how to build your business with personality, celebrity, and plain ol’, “being a good person that other people like”.

Screw the technical stuff, let’s focus on the practical…

Sign-up here or miss out on the networking event of the season.

=> Click Here to Reserve Your Spot at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp

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