Speed to Making Money Online

Back from Vegas, and time to get back to work making money online. Time to get ready for the upcoming online fitness gold rush of January 2009. Actually, we can all make big bucks in the next two months as well.

Just remember…this stuff isn’t rocket science. More like rocket assembly.

That means you just need to TAKE ACTION and start putting your website sales rocket together. Just follow a proven system. The “rocket science” has already been done by the Internet geeks. You just need to get to work fast.

Using the Speed of Implementation is MANDATORY for incredible success, so here are 3 secrets to speed.

1) Set a date and get er’ done.

If you set a deadline for a project, you’ll always find a way to meet it.

2) Do a whole bunch of things at the same time.

Don’t wait to get done Project A before moving onto Project B. Just fire away at all of them. And if you can work on Step 7 in your process before you get done Step 3, then do so!

3) Create momentum.

Take your checklist and start checking things off everyday. Don’t shut your workday down until something is done…do at least one thing per day to move projects ahead.

Remember: It’s not rocket science, just rocket assembly,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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