Beginner’s Guide to Make Money Online

I love a good “little guy” Online “make money” success story. And this one here is a little like Rocky, only with less fighting and more praying.

I met Steve and Kerry Beck last May, and they are real “Salt of theEarth” type folks. Good, honest people.

They home-school their kids and Steve just went back to school to bea Minister. And they can do all this because they make a great living with an automated business on the Internet.

When I met them last year, I was a bit irritated because I had beento a few Internet Marketing seminar recently, and was overwhelmed byall the new “techie” crap I’d have to learn to start implementing this so-called social networking stuff into my biz.

So I got to thinking…why couldn’t someone just create a set of videos that takes you by the hand and leads you step by step throughevery detail of setting up your online business. From email systemsto website setup, to creating products, we all need something “DoneFor Us”.

And amazingly, it was just weeks later that I met Steve and Kerry and they told me that they had already created a “Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started Online”.

They’ll tell you more about it in their Free webinar on Tuesday.

Click Here to reserve your spot on the Free Webinar

This is something that walks you through, while holding your hand,how to set up a website, how to set up emails, how to use thingscalled autoresponders, etc.

If you are a beginner, start here.

More advanced tips to come tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS

PS – They show you that ANYONE can succeed online.

“When you have a step-by-step system to follow, that is enhanced byaudio and video, anybody can create an information product andcreate residual income and enjoy more free time for other things inlife. I think the 8 Weeks To Profits step-by-step course will giveme the incentive to just get started and complete my projects. Toooften, I get excited, start something, get distracted and laterrealize that I didn’t finish the project or just lost my momentum.”
Judy Weselowski Calgary, AB

=> Click here for your Free Webinar to Get Started Online

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