One Secret to Make More Money Online

Big lesson in here for you today…on ONE secret you must do to make more money online.

One of the things we do on all the Maverick Business Adventures is to hold a “Young Entrepreneurs” education session. Last week in Aspen, over 15 of us “Mavericks” visited a high school where over 90 high school students turned out to hear from us.

On a Saturday morning, no less. These kids were committed!

(By the way, before I go any further, you can learn all about these business/adventure trips at: Our next trip is to Lake Placid in December for luging, bobsledding and that thing where you go down the course FACE-first!)

Anyways, back to our teaching session.

We motivated and inspired these kids, and we shared our secrets to success, as well as answering any questions they had.

It was a great group of young American kids, respectful and eager to learn.

BUT one kid stood out from the crowd. His name was Gary, and he was already selling tons of stuff on E-bay.

At age 12.

And he sat there and wrote down pages and pages of notes, and was even chiming in with advice of his own for the other kids.

All of us Mavericks started talking about investing money in him!

All because he was doing the ONE THING you MUST do to succeed…


I know I’ve said this a million times in these OSP emails, but it really, truly is the secret to success.

Success does NOT come from sitting in a chair and thinking happy thoughts.

It comes from rolling up your sleeves and doing the dirty work.

After the session, none of us Mavericks could stop talking about the 12-yeard whiz kid sensation.

That young man, Gary, has an amazing life ahead of him.

Of course, you can have an amazing life ahead of you too, if you commit to taking action.

And you don’t have to be 12 years old to start…just take a look at OSP Inner Circle Member Jennifer Nicole Lee.

In her own words, only 4 years ago, Jennifer was a “frumpy housewife” who woke up one day and turned things around. In ONLY 12months she was featured on Oprah, and today is a sponsored fitness model on the cover of dozens of magazines and has 3 top selling fitness ebooks on Clickbank.

Jennifer shares her entire story – about TAKING ACTION – in the September OSP CD of the Month.

Grab your copy of the OSP Seminar in a Box today and you’ll get the September Issue – and Jennifer’s CD – delivered directly to your door in early September.

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I’m off to TAKE ACTION and finish up the September OSP issue today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Here’s another OSP Inner Circle Member who is TAKING ACTION…

“Craig, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and all of the incredible information in the OSP DVD’s. Last November I launched the first version of my site which proved NO results. I barely made any sales and was getting no traffic. I came across your DVD’s in April and by DVD #2 I emailed you and knew I had to join your Mastermind Group. You were living the life I wanted and I had to find out how. Now, less than 3 months later, I totally revamped my whole site, based on your recommendations (and my fellowmastermind members) and in the first hour of my site launch, I made back the cost of the OSP DVD’s.”
Isabel De Los Rios

PPS – Yesterday I was TAKING ACTION…
…and made over 3600 bucks recommending Isabel’s program to my readers. I highly recommend you visit Isabel’s site and become an affiliate. It’s a great resource for your readers.
PPPS – This month’s OSP Inner Circle Special report contains very detailed information on how to get MORE people to open your emails. And that will show you how to get more clients without needing more traffic.

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