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So last week I was in Aspen, Colorado for a business/adventure trip. I met 3 superstars making money (some offline and some online), and the last one will surprise you.

First up was Frank McKinney. Frank is a real estate daredevil, building homes in Florida worth over $50 million, but WITHOUT a buyer.

That means he takes ALL the risk to build a house that he still has to sell someone. It was a powerful story of how you must have confidence in your business, and about creating incredible experiences for your clients.

Is that something you do? Do you set yourself apart from all the other trainers in town or on the Internet? If not, what can you do TODAY to start separating yourself from the pack faster than Usain Bolt in a 100 meter sprint?

The 2nd superstar was NFL great, Carl Banks, a 2-time Super Bowl Champion. He was another guest speaker last week, and he also joined us on our white-water rafting trip down the Arkansas River. Luckily, Carl was even in my raft, and I got a chance to talk with him about training and business. He’s a huge inspiration.

Did you know he started a clothing line after his 2nd year in the NFL? I mean c’mon, how many guys had the ambition to do that back in the 1980’s? And it was him running the show! It wasn’t just him slapping his name on something. Today that company is part of a $500 million dollar business.

And he has his own line of BBQ sauces…in fact, he joined us for dinner last Thursday night where we feasted on bison steaks and burgers after the rafting, and he gave us the Insider’s Secrets into his entire business, all built on his brand (big lesson there!). Plus, he revealed how he was attacking the “done for you” BBQ market.

I can’t tell you anymore, but that little bit of info gave me a million dollar idea…I’ll be launching a new product based on that idea on January 1st.

And finally, our 3rd superstar…I met him Saturday morning at our Young Entrepreneur’s Teaching Session.

Actually, I’ll save that story for tomorrow morning, because I have to run to the gym… It’s a powerful story that you won’t want to miss, and you’ll even want to share with your kids.

It definitely will give you hope that the next generation of American kids will continue to build businesses you can be proud of…

Start setting yourself apart from the pack today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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