The Make More Money Online Lottery

What a weekend. I just got home from another action-packed Maverick Business Adventure – this time in Aspen, Colorado, and it was full of info to help me make more money online.

The last one I went to was in Las Vegas in May, but this one was much different…we did white-water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, and a lot of networking with really smart, rich business owners. POWERFUL stuff.

Shockingly, I even learned how to make money with facebook! This issomething that I thought was IMPOSSIBLE…but thanks to the killer insider secrets from a Silicon valley whiz kid, I now know how to do it.

But I would NOT have discovered this secret if I didn’t take ACTION and go the extra mile to be involved in this power networking.

Even better, on Saturday afternoon I won the lottery.

I was chosen to have a 30 minute hotseat, and had 23 millionaire business Mavericks (who charge between $600-$1000 per hour for consulting) brainstorm and mastermind solutions to my biggest business problem.

These were some of the biggest names in internet marketing sitting around and giving me amazing idea after amazing idea.

Because of this…

I’ll NEVER miss another opportunity to network with superstars again. Networking and Masterminding truly is one of the secrets to almost ALL business success. And it sure beats working!

Heck, all I did was stand there and look pretty while they threw out powerful suggestion and after powerful suggestion, and so many of them came up to me after with even more ideas.

I could not have asked for anything more from this weekend. And like me, you need to surround yourself with other successful people, especially in the online fitness industry – IF you want to sell ebooks and DVD’s on the Net.

Listen, if you are serious about succeeding online, then you must take advantage of every opportunity available to you to hang outwith online fitness maeketing experts and other fitness pros who areas smart and passionate as you about helping people online.

On the other hand, if you are happy with a SMALL income, then you can continue to work in isolation in a small business.

But if you want an extraordinary lifestyle and income, you need to build extrordinary partnerships through networking and hanging out with folks who are smarter than you.

And your greatest opportunity to get in on the fitness Internet Goldrush is to attend the Online SuperProfits 2008 seminar.

But there is ONE thing you must know about Masterminding and Networking, and that is that its not for people who say, “Oh no, that won’t work” or “I can’t do that.”

Powerful brainstorming sessions are only for experts with open minds and the burning desire to succeed.

If you meet this criteria…

=> Click Here to grab one of the 6 remaining spots at the December 2008 OSP Seminar

Helping you make more money online,
Craig Ballantyne

PS – You’ll get an amazing 30 minute HOTSEAT…
…at the OSP 2008 Seminar.

With the new brainstorming techniques I learned this weekend, we’ll be able to come up with a “TAKE ACTION BLUEPRINT” for you to leave with at the end of the day.

Its going to be POWERFUL stuff.

‘Since Masterminding with Craig and other fitness experts, my ’speed of implementation’ has skyrocketed. After Masterminding with such an amazing group of professionals, I am even more inspired and motivated to turn it up another notch.”
Kim McCullough,

Visit this link to grab your Hotseat:

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