3 Secrets to Make More Money Online

I had a blast in NYC last week learning some secrets to make more money online. Simple things to help your website, and even your offline business make more money by providing more value to your customers.

I didn’t want to leave NYC on Thursday afternoon, but I had to head up to Boston on the train. Now that’s a civilized way to travel, compared to flying. I’d take the train everytime if it was even 50%as fast as flying.

But while I was in New York, I learned a BIG LESSON at the seminar. It’s a way to beat the recession, but it will shock you, because itis the exact opposite advice as what you’d expect. Dan Kennedy, the marketing expert speaking at the seminar, said thatto BEAT the recession you should…


Surprising, isn’t it. After all, you’d think that lowering prices would be the way to make sales when “no one” has any money. But Kennedy argues that you couldn’t lower your prices enough, nomatter how much you cut them, to keep those people from dropping out. Those folks are gone no matter what.

On the other hand, the folks that are staying will stay no matterwhat…even if you raise prices to off-set volume (of course, you’llneed to deliver a few extras in some cases to justify the price increase).

You can learn more about Dan Kennedy and his marketing strategiesat:

=> http://www.freegiftfrom.com/cballantyne

Kennedy also recommends that you “sell to affluent” because they…

a) don’t decide by price
b) are least affected by price

And finally, he also teaches that you should sell to “Buyers”. This has been a huge factor in my business. My clients love my products, and I love creating new products for them every month, sothey keep on supporting me. It’s a great relationship.

And each time I find a great resource to recommend to my readers, it is always the TT buyers who buy the additional resources as well. It’s not a matter of IF they will buy, but WHEN.

For more Online Marketing Secrets… Grab your copy of the OSP Seminar-in-a-Box to get your proven system for making more money online:
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Helping you make more money online,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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