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The best thing about the Internet is that you can make a lot of money online without being famous. Heck, you can be anonymous and work from your basement if you want – making money online in your underwear, as the famous old saying goes. More on that below…

But first, a recap of my quick visit to Boston that the Internet Lifestyle allowed me to take…

On Friday, I toured Boston by foot, logging a lot of miles…butalso slipped in a workout.

I started near the Boston Public Gardens and Boston Common area, worked my way up to Beacon Hill, then down by the Harbour. Back up to the financial district, and then I stopped in for a workout at a place called Equilibrium.

Whenever I stop in at a gym on the road, I often wonder if the staffmight recognize my name or face from my work with Men’s Health magazine.

But they never do. Which is fine with me.

You see, no matter how “famous” I am among my Turbulence Training members, no one in the real world knows who the heck I am.

And that brings me to today’s message…it’s a classic Make More Money Online report that you might have read before…but it is worth reading for anyone who is using the “No one knows who I am” line as an excuse…

I’m a little fired up about a question I’ve been getting from a LOT of trainers…

“I really, really want to create products for busy people to help them lose fat. But how can I compete with you and Alwyn Cosgrove?”

First, it’s very nice of y’all to say that…but more importantly, you aren’t looking at the big picture.

No one knows who I am, or even who Alwyn Cosgrove is.

Walk down the street in your hometown and ask anyone who Cosgrove or Ballantyne is…you’ll get blank stares, and you’ll be lucky not to get labeled the “town crazy”.

I even get called “Chris” all the time on MY membership site…and that’s from my CUSTOMERS! So you see, no one really knows my name.

Heck, walk into any large commercial gym, like 24-hour fitness, and ask the trainers there. I’d bet not a single one of them has heard of me or Alwyn.

You’d be lucky if 10% of them even know who Bill Phillips is! Or maybe they could name one of the trainers from the Biggest Loser. Maybe.

The fact of the matter is the world knows about 5 people. TomCruise, Oprah, Paris Hilton, Ronald McDonald, and Lindsey Lohan.And only 3 of those are real people!

Everyone else, especially in the fitness industry, is starting at the SAME level on the Internet.

You have just as much opportunity to succeed as I do. Or any other trainer. Even the ones on the BiggestLoser – because the Internet can give you an UNFAIR advantage – even over the TV stars!

If it were impossible to compete with people who are already well-known, we’d have all given up after “Body for Life” came out. But Alwyn and I didn’t, and we were rewarded for persevering and working hard. Just like you will be rewarded.

Remember, there was a time not so long ago when Cosgrove and I were no-names, nobodys, and no-nothings, in the “fitness world”.

The only reason you’ve heard of us is because you are a fitness expert who has studied from everyone to increase your knowledge. But outside of this small world of elite trainers, practically no one has heard of us…

On the Internet, everyone has an equal opportunity for success (actually, let me correct myself – I believe FEMALE trainers have agreater chance of success online – long story).

Plus, I’m starting to hear about fitness experts – who no one would recognize – building up lists of 60,000 people in only 1 year, simply by using a proven OnlineSuperProfits system.

All you need are…

a) a few good success stories
b) a good hook for your product
c) and of course, a good product

Then you’re set. The rest is just following the Online SuperProfitsSystem.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Back to my walking tour…

…After lunch, I took a big walk out to Fenway, and back up to where I was staying in Brookline. Then dinner at “the best sushi in Boston” at Uni restaurant.

Just like I describe in the OSP Seminar and Inner Circle Member’s newsletter, this restaurant was able to charge a premium for their food, just by providing a better experience, not by simply offering MORE fish.

So before you sit down and waste days and weeks and months of your life creating a 250 page E-book, discover the secrets to creating a hit fitness product with my OSP Diet-Book creation method here:

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