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Off to NYC tomorrow to learn more tips to help you and your website.

I attribute all increases in revenue to being willing to spend for education. In fact, every seminar I attend pays off 10-to-1 in terms of increased revenue.

When I get back, I implement, and the return on investment comes in. Like clockwork.

I’m also undergoing a couple of “affluent experiments” to keep my mind open for opportunity.

The first “hardship” I’ll put myself through is to stay on the Concierge Level of a hotel in NYC, to “spy” on the customer service and delivery of an exceptional experience (which should be the goal of our businesses).

After the seminar, I’m rushing off to Boston to train an old client, and visit with another Men’s Health fitness expert.

So my second affluent experiment will be to take the train from NYC to Boston with a 1st class ticket, to again, see how this business delivers its upsell.

I’m not expecting as much on the train as I am with the hotel, but we’ll see.

The BIG lesson you can get from my experiments already is this:

There will always be someone who will pay extra if you offer more.”

So never miss an opportunity to offer additional product, education, and experience to your clients.

Some people just want – and will pay for – more help than others.

A good example of this is the “extra bonus day” offered by Ryan Leeat his upcoming Bootcamp in Stamford, Connecticut this September.

I’ll be presenting on the extra day, so don’t miss it. The seminar runs from Sept. 18th to 20th and all the big names will be there…

-> Ryan Lee
-> Alwyn Cosgrove & his amazing wife, Rachel
-> Dax Moy
-> Brian Grasso (Youth Fitness Expert)

And many more, including the top Kettlebell Experts in the World.

If you are a personal trainer, chiropractor, physiotherapist, orBootcamp instructor, or even an aspiring trainer, this will be oneof the most important weekends of your life.

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp

It’s going to be super high-energy and inspirational. I look forward to meeting you there.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If you want to get extra special attention for your business…

…then reserve your hot seat at my upcoming December OSP small group meeting.

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot at the OSP 2008 Meeting

Hurry, only 6 spots remain!

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