Women Making Money Online

Women making money online is no longer uncommon. With a good online business, many women can have success and earn extra money with their website. Today, we’ll feature the story of two women who have chosen different routes with their online businesses.

One of the surprise benefits to OSP has been all of the amazing trainers I’ve met.

Over 167 trainers have joined the OSP Inner Circle in the past year, and I’ve watched a LOT of you skyrocket your business with the OSP system secrets…

…from Daniel Munday in Australia to Caroline Radway in the UK, to Michael Massie (the 1st OSP Transformation Contest Winner), to Scott Hines, Troy Anderson, Isabel De Los Rios, Sean Barker, Todd Lamb, and on and on and on.

But 2 female trainers I’ve met this year stick out in my mind. As they certainly have chosen different paths…

One continues to study and expand her mind everyday.

The other chooses to hang around bitter folks who do nothing but complain and grumble all day on the Internet.

One has become an International Fitness Superstar & Celebrity and is making more money online.

The other continues to beg and plead with folks to help her out.

I’m sure you can connect the behavior and the outcome.

In fact, I spoke with the Fitness Superstar, Jennifer Nicole Lee for an hour yesterday, and we recorded the call for the OSP Inner Circle September newsletter (you’ll get an audio & transcript).

On the call JNL shows you how she went from “Frumpy Housewife” to International Fitness Celebrity in only 12 months. From not happy with her physique to being on Oprah in only 1 year.

And now she has 3 fast-selling products on Clickbank, she’s in all the big female fitness magazines, she travels the world, she’ssponsored by companies, and she’s done all of this FAST.

She’ll share how the OSP Seminar has helped her succeed, plus she even taught me a thing or two…it’s powerful stuff.

But remember…

Just like you, she started from SCRATCH. No one knew who she was when she started her physical transformation.

So if she can do it, YOU can do it.

That is, unless you hang around bitter individuals who rob you of your enthusiasm and motivation.

You’ll be blown away in September when you get your issue of the OSP Inner Circle member’s newsletter. Heck, you’ll be blown away bythe one and only Ryan Lee when you get the August issue (this went out to Inner Circle Member’s today).

But Ryan better watch out, we might have found his female equal when it comes to high energy enthusiasm about helping people. LaTigra, as Jennifer Nicole Lee is known in the female fitness mags, was dishing it out non-stop for the entire call.

You’ll be listening to this one over and over again when you get her audio in September…but it only goes out to OSP Inner Circle Members.

Helping you make more money selling fitness online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS- Only 5 copies of the OSP remain…

…that include all the bonus newsletters from March through August.

Once those copies are gone, you will not be able to get a copy of these newsletters for FREE ever again.

So grab your copy of the OSP Seminar-in-a-Box today and get over $497 worth of OSP Inner Circle newsletters for FREE:

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