Make Money While You Sleep

Yes, you CAN make money while you sleep. You can also burn more fat while you sleep, but that’s another story. To make more money while you sleep, all you have to do is set-up a website according to a proven system.

Since I first started selling fitness manuals online in 2002, I’ve been waking up to new orders each morning in my inbox and in my clickbank account. The novelty has almost, and I repeat, almost, worn off. But it never will!

And last Sunday, I had a nap in the afternoon (see why here in this post:
=>Internet Lifestyle ).

When I woke up, there was over $300 in new orders in my inbox. Make money while you sleep. Make money while you nap. Make money while you workout. Make money while walk your dog. And so on.

Again, it’s all about following a proven system.

First, you must identify your niche market. Combine that with your expertise and a product using my “Diet Book” method product creation, and you are off to a fast start.

Next, you have to make sure your website is set up to do what you want it to do – which is make you money while you sleep. Most people make dozens of mistakes on their site, but I cover the most popular in my free report, “7 Secrets to Skyrocket Sales on Your Website”. Get that, study it, and design a simple website. It’s that easy. Just follow the system.

Now you have your product done, your website designed for a niche market – NOT for everyone, like you originally planned, and you have a simple website, not one that cost a lot of money or looks fancy, or takes a long time to “load” (this is the WORST thing you could do!).

Next it is time to let the world know about it. There are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your website – Google ads, banner ads, article marketing, unique content on your own site, traditional PR, affiliate and Joint Venture partnerships, blogging, Youtube videos, search engine optimization, and more.

My businesses are built primarily on affiliate and joint venture partnerships, blogging, and article marketing. Why? Because I find those the easiest things to do. And that’s just another of the thousands of great things about having a website that makes money while you sleep…

…because you can build your business with your personal talents and things you like to do. That was my big idea breakthrough the other day. Stick to what I know and focus on it…don’t get distracted by “bright shiny objects” (i.e. the latest Internet marketing craze).

I need to focus on what I do best, stay on top of what works in that area, outsource the rest, and I”ll continue to make money while I sleep.

Start following a proven system for your strengths and interests today to make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne

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